Southview Public School

October 12th - October 16th

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More Verbs, Fewer Nouns...

What are the first few words that come to your mind when you think mobile learning?

Are they...tablets, iPads, Smartphones, apps...

CHALLENGE! Instead of focusing on the nouns of what we have (or would like to have), think about the verbs that demonstrate the impact these devices have on learning. Verbs such as, "communicate", "collaborate", "contextualize" should be the focus of discussions around technology, and how the use of the technology can transform teaching and learning.

-Julie Evans, Educational Leadership, May 2015

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Tips for Managing Mobile Devices

Welcome the Devices-encourage students to bring their devices into the classroom (they can research, document, post to blogs, collaborate & create with them)

Face the Fear-there's power in students using their own devices in the classroom, the devices they use to navigate their world. Instead of assuming this means chaos, students become active learners in the classroom and this transforms the way teaching and learning can take place.

A Distraction no Longer-students need to have new norms established for them, including students in the process and creating a culture of sharing devices to challenge & engage. This allows students to take ownership over these rules. Also, the use of the device is a huge privilege that many students won't want to jeopardize.

A Student-Centred Focus-the shift goes from teacher to student

From Low-Tech Classroom to High-Tech Hub-students are more likely to leave our classrooms intellectually curious and ready for the changing, real world with the skills necessary to succeed.

Catlin Tucker, Educational Leadership, May 2015

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Upcoming Events

Mon., Oct. 19th

  • Bus Patroller Training

Thurs., Oct. 22nd & Fri., Oct. 23rd

  • Groove Workshop (no Zumba on Friday)

Fri., Oct. 30th

  • Zumba resumes (Grades 5-8 12:15 in the gym)
  • Black and Orange Day

Mon., Nov. 2nd

  • Early Expressions Referrals Due
  • Picture Retake Day

Fri., Nov. 13th

  • P.A. Day
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Learning Together, Embracing Differences

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Week Ahead

Mon., Oct. 12th (Day 4)

  • Thanksgiving Monday

Tues., Oct. 13th (Day 5)

  • District Cross Country (Fort Henry)
  • Queen's Teacher Candidates Begin (White, Brown, Zwiers/Virgin, Myers, Boutilier)
  • Healthy Schools Meeting (Jenn & Tiffany @ SView)

Wed., Oct. 14th (Day 1)

  • Fire Drill (10:45 am)
  • Adult Zumba :) After School
  • Tiffany away

Thurs., Oct. 15th (Day 2)

Fri., Oct. 16th (Day 3)

  • Zumba begins! (Kindergarten to Grade 4) 12:15 in the gym
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