Travis Pastrana

Travis Pastrana's life

Travis as a kid

Travis started his career when he was only four. His first dirtbike was a Honda z-50. His father Robert Pastrana taught Travis at their home in Maryland. He was born on October 8, in Annapolis, Maryland. When he was younger he attempted to mountain bike but soon realized motocross was his calling. That's how his career began.

Travis as a Teen

When Travis was only eleven he became an ilk for the Suzuki team. Then at the age of fourteen he was the youngest competitor to ever win the X-Games. He had won the freestyle event. He also broke the world record for the longest dirt bike jump at the age of fourteen. He took first in the summer gravity games also. When he was sixteen he attempted a jump and dislocated his spine and disconnected it from his pelvis.

Here are some pictures of some stunts Travis has done

What Travis has done

Travis Pastrana attempted to jump the Grand Canyon on a dirt bike at eighteen but failed. At the age of twenty he jumped out of a airplane without a parachute. He won the AMA rookie of the year and he also won the AMA 125cc National championship. He won the 125cc East coast championship. He took the gold medal in rally in the 2006 X-Games.

Tricks he has invented

Travis is known for creating the most dangerous and insane tricks you could ever think of. His signature trick is the one-hand fender grab superman Indian air. This trick is one of the most dangerous tricks in the world. He was then the first person to land a double back flip at the X-Games.He also landed the first 360 at the summer Gravity Games

Other things he is involved with

Travis was filmed for ESPN on 199 lives. He is a hidden surfer in Kelly Slater's Game Pro Surfer. He lent his voice to the creators of the game Dirt. His voice is also used in the in game menu in Dirt. He has part ownership in a company that makes underwear for athletes. He features as a driver in the Game Dirt 2 (witch I have). He also stars in the T.V. show Nitro Circus. He is a main character in his movie Nitro Circus too.


Travis has gotten himself engaged with the one and only Lyn-z Adams Hawkins. He proposed to her during the night of Nitro Circus LIVE. He was going to wait until the end of the show but he got to anxious. They got married in a private ceremony and now have a child. Their little girls name is Addy Pastrana. She was born on labor day in 2013.

What he is doing now

Travis is working on another show to go live with. He is also working on another Nitro Circus movie. He is now competing in Nascar too. He will be setting up a Nitro Circus camp for the Nitro family.