By: Ella Brignoni

Save the Everglades Q and A

Q: What is a Natural Resource?

A: A Natural Resource is something given to you by nature that could be useful for your survival.

Q:What is a Nonrenewable Resource?

A: A Nonrenewable Resource is anything that is made by nature that is being used to quickly to be replaced

Q: What is a Renewable Resource?

A: A Renewable Resource is anything that is made by nature and can be made as quickly as we use it

Q: What is an Inexhaustible Resource

A: Anything that is naturally made that can be used over and over again and will never run out

Q: Why does this have anything to do with the Everglades?!

A: The Everglades is a area of land in Florida that is home to many natural resources like limestone and oil. It also contains most of the states water! The precious natural resources here are nonrenewable. Right now many big oil companies are drilling in the area destroying the land, the wildlife, and depleting the Everglades of its natural beauty! While this might be could for the economy it is hurting our precious national park. Also people are draining and putting damns in the Everglades which decreases the land area of the park. Invasive species like the burmese python are killing the animals who live there! Loss of land has driven species like the black panther to near extinction. Now that we know that the resources here are nonrenewable and will be gone if we keep overusing them man needs to take the first steps to end a problem they started and to protect the Florida Everglades