By: Cory Olson

2500 BC - 1500 BC

The Indus Valley civilization develops around the valley of the Indus River (now in Pakistan). Its trade is based on crops . It reaches the height of its power and is larger than any other ancient empire. 2000 BC The Indus Valley civilization dies , due to severe floods from the Indus River. 1500 BC The Aryan people, who come from the region between and including India and Europe, invade India from the north. They spread through the Indus Valley and down into the Ganges Valley.

326 BC- 550

Alexander the great crosses the Indus River into India. 50 AD Trade flourishes between India and the Roman Empire. Romans eagerly buy Indian pearls, ivory, silk, spices, cloth and precious stones. 320-550 After centuries of being split into small kingdoms , India is ruled by the Gupta Empire. Hinduism becomes the major religion of the empire. Literature, art, architecture and science flourish during this "classical age" of peace and prosperity.


1526 The rule of the Mogul Empire begins. 1600's Holland, Great Britain and France establish key trading posts in India. 1638 Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan begins construction of the Taj Mahal. 1858 The British take over Indian. 1915 Mohandas Gandhi launches a campaign of nonviolent resistance against British rule in India. Gandhi is called Mahatma, meaning "Great Soul." Ghandi is assassinated
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Dear Mrs. Woods,

I would visit the Taj Mahal because it's one of the most iconic places in India. It is really pretty and has plants throughout the grounds. The Taj Mahal is the about the most visited place for tourist in India.

Fun Facts

1. India is the 7th largest country

2. The capital is New Delhi

3. India is known as The Republic of India

4. The national symbol of India is a tiger (growl)

5. The end of the British rule was in 1947

Old india doesn't have a lot of cities.

When the British ruled India, it was in poverty.

In present day, India is not as poor.

Mahatma Gandhi biography

Mahatma Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869 and became a leader in opposing legislation against Indians. He studied law in England and then went back to South Africa. He was a pioneer of a philosophy known as Satyagraha, a non-violent way to protest.

Gandhi continued to lead protests until he was jailed in 1922 for conspiracy. When released, be became even more vocal in his efforts to reform the Indian constitution. He led a very simple life that continues to inspire people everywhere.

The Ganges River

The ganges river is know not be holy and when you bath all your sins will be removed. The Ganges is said to flow from the head of Shiva who captured Gangadevi in his tresses to stop her from falling to earth.
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Brahman is the common name for all the gods.

Ganesha the is the son shiva

Sheva the goddess of death and dissolution

Hauman who is a monkey who helped Rama

Dharma means duty virtue and morality

Karma means a an action that will effect you in the after life

samara is the cycle of life and death

twitter for Mahatma Gindhi

1. In England studying law #Boring

2. Went back to south Africa. #VAYCAY

3.Got Thrown in Jail. #WOOO

4. Death Threats #scrad

5. I died #RIP