Avondale Academy Counseling 411

August 2016 Edition


Welcome back to a new school year! It's hard to believe that in only a couple weeks our students will be starting a new school year at Avondale Academy. We are looking forward to the students having an amazing year and getting to know each student and family personally.

This year we will welcome many new faces, both students and staff. I hope each student will take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities Avondale Academy has to offer to you: explore and discover new knowledge, enjoy new experiences, meet new friends, and express the unique talents and gifts that each of you brings to our school community.

Look Whose New at Avondale Academy!

Meet Rudy Kellersohn, Melonie Leonard, and Colleen Birkenhauer

My name is Rudy Kellersohn, I obtained a Bachelors at Central Michigan in Sport Management and Business. Then later my teaching certificate at Saginaw Valley State University in Social Studies and Physical Education. I enjoy coaching, especially football, which I played at Clarkston High. One of my favorite hobbies is playing fantasy football, I started in 6th grade and going into my 20th year. I'm excited to be teaching both Phys Ed and World History, which is my favorite Social Studies class! I look forward to being a part of the Avondale community.

My name is Melanie Leonard and I previously taught at Canton Preparatory High School. I went to Hope College in Holland, MI. In my spare time I like to run and read for fun. I'm excited to join the Avondale Academy staff this year and I'm looking forward to meeting my students and teaching English and math!

My name is Colleen Birkenhauer. I graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelors of Science in mathematics with a minor in biology. I like painting and enjoy new adventures. I'm excited for a new school year at Avondale Academy.

Have You Heard About "The Spot"?

To accommodate the Avondale School District’s Strategic Planning goals, the Avondale Academy will be implementing a leadership based class for the 2016 – 2017 school year. The leadership class will be called “The Spot” (Students, purposeful, open-minded, and tolerant), and it will run every Tuesday and Thursday, between 2nd and 3rd hour throughout the school year. School start time and dismissal WILL NOT change, but there will be a different bell schedules on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, from Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s. All students will be assigned a teacher for this class. The curriculum for “The Spot” will center on positive student leadership and character traits, “hot button” issues, service learning opportunities, and giving back to the community. All students and teachers will showcase their character building traits and curriculum knowledge though a service learning project assigned during the school year. This class will also count for 0.125 credits per semester.


Something NEW this year at Avondale Academy is that we are moving from Quarter credit classes to Semester long classes. Each class a student completes and passes will be awarded .50 credits. Students will have the opportunity to earn 3.125 credits a semester and 6.25 credits a year (which includes our new SPOT class).

PAC stands for Post-Secondary Action Committee

What: Our PAC Team examines college-going attitudes and outcomes in our school to increase college attendance and help our students make better decisions for their future.

Who: A team of staff, students, and parents

When: We meet once a month for one hour

Where: Avondale Academy

Drawing: Chance to win a free gas gift card every meeting

Sign Up Today: Just let Mrs. Mow or Mr. Chapman know if you are interested in becoming a member of our PAC!


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Give Your Child Every Chance They Need to Be Successful In School!

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Grade Level by Credits

9th Grade - 0-5 credits

10th Grade - 5.15-11 credits

11th Grade - 11.15-16 credits

12th Grade - 16.15-21 credits