Human modification of environment

The Dams

Humans have tried to control the water by creating dams and by doing that the consequences are the land that was supported by the water turns into a to desert and the living environment dies. Also in Dams floods are frequent and can flood the the environment that can still support life and damage that. One big example is the Hoover Dam.

Human Pollution

Humans are the main cause of pollution. We pollute the water by the cars we drive, the factories we make, the waste we throw into the lakes. By polluting the water we drink it can then cause diseases and and death to us. Water is the a resource that we need to survive.


These two topics I have talked about relate because when we create dams and when desertification comes in the people who live there now have to migrate to wear there is water and with the more people in one area the more pollution there will be causing a much quicker decrease in fresh water and a increase in diseases.


Level 1 question: What is pollution?

Level 2 question: How has pollution effected the water?