Michael Jordan and his rise to fame

Summary of Michael Jordan's Legacy

Michael from an early age played very competiviely in basketbal, growing up in Wilmington, North Carolina. After getting into UNC under the basketball program there, he isntantly became a star on the team. After winning the NCAA Tournament with his last shot against Georgetown and winning Most Valuable player in NCAA, he was drafted into the Chicago Bulls. Playing for the Bulls, he won 6 NBA Championships and made the Olympic Team for Men's Basketball and won the Gold medal in Barcelona. He retired in 2003 after playing for the Wizards.

The Major people in Michael's Life

  • His father- As any father should, James Jordan played a pivotal role in Michael's life. He expressed a deep love for Michael. He was murdered by two men on the streets and this caused Michael to retire for the first time.
  • Coach Dean Smith- He was one of Michael's role models and most cherished mentor, there is a saying that goes around that the only one that could keep MIchael Jordan under 30 points a game was Dean Smith.He was more than a coach – he was my mentor, my teacher, my second father.

Gonna Fly Now

The song that explains Michael's life story is Gonna Fly Now, although meant for Rocky Balboa the song explains Michael's rise to the top and as one of the best basketball players ever.