Discover the Pursuit of Happyness

The streets

Based on True Stories

Based on a ture story, the movie "The Pursuit of Happiness" is a biography, on a man named Chris Gardner. Actor Will Smith payed the role, and costared with his son, Jaden Smith.

The movie shows what Chris went through, starting with marriage struggle, to an unstable financial stance, then homeless. From that point in the movie, my views on Chris was, he saw being homeless the bottom and could go nowhere but forward. That is exactly what he had done.

Chris had to manage his time between work, and picking up his son from work to be the the homeless shelter by 5 p.m. There is one point in the movie where he had not been able to make it the shelter in time, and resorted to a subway station bath room. Right before he had gotten his son into the bathroom, to ease the reality of actually having to sleep in a public bathroom, he made pretend that they were in past times and dinosaurs were all around. Later on, he had gotten an intership, and it all went up hill.

This movie is the a good story that shows the stages to homelessness and becoming a successful independent person.

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