Newsletter Week 5 Term 1

Sawyers Bay School 2nd March 2023

Principal's Message

Kia ora koutou,

This week we are once again bracing ourselves for increased disruption to pick up and drop off routines. As you may already be aware, Station Road will be closed for all traffic from the 6th of March. Hall Road will not necessarily be re-opened by then, Stevenson Ave near the Fish Factory will still be operating under lights, there will still be STOP/GO on the Main highway, and almost certainly we will see a huge increase in traffic past the school.

We have been working in conjunction with DCC and Police to try and ensure we are doing everything to keep a safe route to school for our kids. The most important aspect of our planning is that all children should be crossing at the Kea Crossing outside of the school. As this is a monitored crossing with signage, it is the safest place to cross. We would ask parents to help us by talking with your children about the safest route to school for them and even better, modelling the use of the crossing.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Mā te wā,

Gareth Swete

Upcoming Events

  • PTA Meeting, Carey's Bay Hotel - 7.00pm Monday 6th March
  • Otago Anniversary Day - Monday 20th March
  • Swimming - Tuesday 21st - Friday 31st March
  • Board Meeting 2 - 6.00pm Tuesday 21st March
  • Last day of Term 1 - Thursday 6th April
  • Teacher Only Day - Monday 24th April
  • ANZAC Day - Tuesday 25th April
  • First day back for students for Term 2 - Wednesday 26th April

Te Akonga o te Wiki!

Term 1 Week 4

Congratulations to Indy, Fletcher, Hank, Hazel, Ava and Alfie, who were chosen as their room's Person of the Week. The trophy for Term 1, Week 5 went home with Fletcher!
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Kia ora koutou. We ended last week with a wonderful SBS Starters Session, where we welcomed three soon-to-be New Entrants. We read a book called “When I Grow up….” and then all drew pictures about what we would like to be when we grow up. This week we have extended our learning beyond our school boundary line, to explore what waterways are near us. Our attention turned to what lives in these waterways, and we drew pictures to illustrate these ideas. Today we retold the story of Blob Fish (it’s an awesome read if you see it at a library) and have discussed what we can do to help protect the species who live beneath. Blob Fish made friends with something he thought looked like him - but no, it turned out to be a plastic bag, that had been dropped off the jetty, into the sea. Our Papatūānuku tamariki decided we could start in our own school yard and collect any rubbish, no matter how small, and put it in the bin, so it doesn’t blow away and end up in our waterways. Our gloves have the words “I keep the sea, rubbish free” on them, to remind us what a helpful job we are doing. The photo of our collected rubbish was approximately a quarter of what we collected. The rest was put in the bins as we went so it wouldn’t blow away either. During our Maths learning we have continued to explore halves and quarters of apples and sandwiches. Some apples may have been consumed during these learning activities!

Rīpoata na Mrs Campbell


Konnichiwa, Kia ora, Mālō e lelei, Bonjour, Hello

What a fabulous week we have had in Hine-Rau-Wharangi. Last week we had the pleasure of having our buddy class Hinemoana visit us on Friday. In Math the children have been working on their doubles knowledge and we learnt a new game which we shared with our buddy class. After we played the game with our buddies we talked about how we could change the game to make it more challenging for all levels in our School. It was great to see and hear how many variables we could use to change a game up. This Friday we get to go to Hinemoana and they will have a game they have been learning to teach us. This is a really great way to get the children involved with each other and engaged in activities related to Math. We have also been working on our Pepeha to introduce ourselves that we will be sharing in assembly this week.

Rīpoata na Mrs Brewer


Did you know that cheetahs are one of our favorite animals, cheese is our favourite pizza flavour and that soccer is our favourite sport? The Tāwhirimātea children have been statisticians this week, posing questions and using tally marks to record their answers while surveying the class. As you can see in the photos below, and hanging on the wires in our class, we have now graphed our results and were able to make statements about what our graphs show. On Friday we really enjoyed teaching the seniors our math game and trying our best to beat them! You may have seen a copy of the game come home with your children - if you haven already, have a go and see if you can beat them! I have heard a few whispers that the game Tane Mahuta are going to teach us this Friday is a goodie- we can't wait to see what it is. This week we welcome Mr Richard Page into our class. He is with us for 4 weeks while he completes teacher education course.

Rīpoata na Mrs Swete

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Kia ora koutou,

This week measurement in maths has been a top hit! Ranginui students have been accurately measuring all sorts of objects. On Tuesday we all tested our homemade paper planes to see which ones could fly the furthest and in the afternoon we held plane olympics. Thank you to Simon and Miss McPhail in their help to organise and run the events. So much FUN! We are learning new number activities to share with our buddy class and in our own maths lessons. Today we learnt ‘Greedy Pig’ a game of chance and adding several numbers together. ‘Towers’ is another activity we have explored, this game helps us to find the differences between two numbers. The collaboration and communication between the students has supported maths language development too.

We are learning and practicing descriptive writing. We have watched and discussed a silent video of ‘The Girl and the Fox’ and with our buddy writers we are writing the story. Our use of adjectives and adverbs have increased through recrafting our drafts.

Many thanks to you all for recording your family's details. The students will add these to their Pepeha.

If you need an extra copy of the form or help please let me know.

Rīpoata na Miss Ruzsa


The children have done a beautiful job of their work and we are excited to share our pepeha and visual Taku Whakapapa with everyone in Assembly on Friday.

Last week we had our first Buddy Maths session with Hine-Rau-Whārangi and it was so cool to learn and play a maths game all about doubles with Mrs Brewer and her class. After playing the game we talked about ways we could change the game to enable and extend other learners and Mrs Brewer and myself were super impressed with the amazing thinking the children came up with.

We are also exploring measurement in Hinemoana and this week we were throwing cannonballs! First we had to estimate how far we thought we could throw then measure the actual distance in metres. We had some pretty powerful throws and some pretty spot on estimations too, showing us that we are starting to understand the concept and visualise a metre. From there we got into groups and had to order our measurements from smallest to largest, we then came together as a class and identified the longest and shortest throw in the class. The last challenge was to work out the difference between these two throws. 17m - 2.42m = ? The children did a great job working together to problem solve subtracting tricky decimals!

Adverbs is our focus in writing this week. We have learnt that adverbs describe a verb (think an adjective for a verb!) Our adverbs are becoming a topic for writing an adverb poem and we are looking forward to these coming to life and publishing.

Rīpoata na Miss Laing

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Tāne Mahuta

Tāne Mahuta have had another fun week! We have been busy completing our drafts of our autobiographies this week as well as began publishing. These have been interesting to share an insight into our lives so far and have been yet another way to get to know more information about one another.

We are also feeling excited about our new buddy math game sessions. We visited our buddy class Tawhirimatea last week on Friday and had a lot of fun! We enjoyed learning a new activity called Number Dots and collaborating with the year 2/3 kids to challenge our math skills in different ways. We have been preparing our own game for this Friday’s maths buddy class session and we are going to focus on using place value knowledge. We hope that Tawhiri are going to enjoy visiting our class as much as we did theirs!

Finally a big shout out to the great effort that our Futsal teams are putting in down at the Edgar Centre each Tuesday and Wednesday. This week a special congratulations to the Sawyers Bay Sparks who had their first win for the new season, nice job kids!

Rīpoata na Miss Tenci

Sports News

This Week's results:

Touch Rugby

SBS Stingers - game cancelled due to weather


SBS Stars 4-1 W POD Riley

SBS Strikers 5-2 W POD Alex & Mordy

SBS Sparks 2-1 W POD Zaria

SBS Sweepers 5-1 W POD Luca

Community Notices

PTA - Hot Cross Bun Fundraiser

Order forms for Coupland's delicious Hot Cross Buns have been sent home this week. Please support our fundraiser and return your hot cross bun orders by Friday 17 March.

Please contact the school office for more forms.

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