My Country: who ville

Nate Cerulli

Citizens will always have a say

Our leaders are selected by a vote based on the population's beliefs. In order for citizens to be able to vote they must pass a test that show that they have a general understanding of politics. the decisions will be made from the ruler of who ville at the time and then that decision will pass through a council of citizens from different parts of the country whom are elected based on their cities' people. The most important person in charge in the government is the Ruler. Problems will be presented to the ruler and they will make a decisions and then that decision will go to the council. In order to make sure that the resolutions to the problems are accurate and probable, the ruler will have to have a deep understanding of political science. The council will be made up of 13 people. So that there are no ties. And each of the thirteen states in my country will elect their representative so that their views will be expressed to the representative and then that representative with address the problem and make a decision based on it. There will be taxes in order to raise money for the government. Everyone will pay the same unless a family explains there financial issues to the government and f their financial situation meets the requirements they can file for a lower taxes. Each state will be in charge of their jurisdiction and law unless their situation becomes out of hand in which the government will take action. Each thirteen state will need to provide troops for the government when necessary. And that number will be raised or lowered dependent on the population. I want my country to be proud, and proud enough to lay down their lives for it. So I feel like it would be necessary to pay respects to our troops and help the general citizens realize what we do for them. Our country will provide free health care to all who have a low salary based on how many people that person has to care for.

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