The DeLaPaz Dazzler

March 24, 2016

Important Dates

May 10th- Field Trip

June 1st- Field Day

June 3rd- Last day of school

Field Trip- May 10th

We will be going to the Volkening Heritage farm with four other classes. The field trip is rain or shine. Since it looks like rain please dress appropriately. The activities take place in small building, but we will be walking from building to building outside. Sack Lunches ONLY! Thank you
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Pizza Party Friday

We have earned our 200 marble pizza party this Friday! To help with cost of pizza please send in $1.00 by Thursday. I plan on getting 3 extra large pizzas. If you child would like more to eat please send them with some snacks and a drink! Thank you!

Book Orders due Thursday

Don't forget to get your child some summer books. Kids often drop a level or two over the summer so keep them reading challenging books!


If you have read this newsletter please have your student solve the following problem and bring it in tomorrow. This will earn them a PAW and a jolly rancher!

24 x 13=


In art we did

In art we used clay. With the clay we made owls.First we made the ears. then we made eyes for the owls and the noises.The clay was squishy.

By Lindy


In music we are learning about different instruments.We are watching videos to learn more.We are doing a haiku project and you have to guess the instrument. It is hard because I do not now all of the different caleb


This week in PE we did the mile run. It was really hard! I needed A LOT of water. I do not like the mile run! On friday outside we played a very fun game. You had to take footballs from other teams. IT WAS SO FUN!!!!! By: Elaina


This week we read the story that a girl move to a new place.We had are spelling city due today and are spelling prac.We are doing a end of the year book club and we had to pick a book.Elaina is top banana this week.This week was teachers week so we brought her flowers and cards.

by:Katie Ferrara

Math- Mrs. DeLaPaz

In math we learned partial product and it is really fun to do and it make it easy to do multiplication.It also does not take much space to do.We are now doing things with tempeture.It is not that easy for me but I like to do it. Math is really fun and is slightly hard and slightly easy and is one of my favorite subjects.BY Gavin.

Math- Mrs. Busky

In math we learned about dividing decimals and multiplying decimals.It is just dividing like usuall but then you have to see where the decimal would go.To do that you have make a estimate so if you are doing 500.65 divided by 5 and you say the answer is 10, you would have to see if it makes sence.Same thing with multiplieng but you have to multiply regualar.We also learned turning hard fractions to decimals with a calculator.Thet is what we did the week in Mrs.Busky’s math class.



This week in science, we are building a lego called a VEX robot.Our group is #4 and the people in our group are Owen,Caleb,Ashlyn, and Tessa.We already put the screen on and 3 motors and we are just starting to add things on so it will be able to pick up an animal because at the zoo an animal fell into the hole and can’t get out so the zoo called us and we said we are going to help and make robots to save the animal.( The robots are actually really small and we are just going to use them on a stuffed animal and the zoo never really called us.)Our groups robot is falling apart!,and write when the teacher said to put everything away.


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In writing this week we…

In writing this week we mostly worked on our poetry skills. Well what I mean is we created I am poems and posted them on a website called Kid Blog, We also did Diamante, and a five senses poem. Here is my poem…

Five Senses...


Fresh, Refreshing

Wet, Gross, Salty

Blue, White Caps, Big Never Ending

Crashing, Smashing, Peaceful, Quiet, Soothing


Most of the class also got our Cursive License Because They Finished all their cursive letters (Capital and Lower-Case) with both Paragraphs and a bunch of extra sentences here and there. I got my cursive license and I can write anything I want to in cursive (not just what Mrs. DeLaPaz tells us to!)

BY: Tessa Schumacher

Music News from Mrs. Crowe

Woodwinds, strings, brass and percussion--we've studied all our instrument families! This week we started working on a Google slides presentation on the four families. If your child finishes it (and it's correct) and they upload it to the Padlet on my Haiku page it's worth a PAW!