September 11th

In Memorial

One of the most important days in history is September 11th. That day was also very devastating. A series of for planes struck on the morning of Tuesday 11th, 2001. Arlington Country,Virginia , Washington,D.C. , Shanksville,Pennsylvania were all locations that were attacked on 9/11. Even though plenty of people died, luckily we have had various heroes.

"I'm not giving up"

The book Heroes of 9/11 explains 10 different heroes stories. One of the chapters " I'm Not Giving Up " Interprets Colonel Philip McNairs story and flight 77 hitting the Pentagon. It all started when a stolen jetliner with 64 people aboard,including 5 terrorist slammed into the right side of the Pentagon about 5 yards above the ground at a speed of 530 miles per hour. That morning McNair was in a meeting. As the plane hit the floor shook. Did a bomb go outside in the hallway? The room was filled with smoked. McNair had everyone in the conference room. The Pentagon renovated the old windows with blast-proof ones. So, they can't open a few inches of glass. McNair stuck everybody's head out the window to breath. Now all he had to do was get out of the building. Eventually all of the people in the meeting were out except Marian. So, McNair went to back into the building and find her. When McNair got back down and out of the building he had bad news,he did not find Marian. Of the 11 people in the conference room two died. McNair retired in 2002 and earned a reward for military service.
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