Samurai needed!

Daimyo Hampe needs help!

Are you fit enough?

Looking for a young honorable/discipline samurai to help defend my land! Must know background history of samurai's, highly skilled in all weapon specializations, also needs to know Bushido.
Duties: Protect the farmland during the day, as the night comes protect my family, protect the crops and the animals that are on my land. Take care of yourself is the most important, I don't want you to beat yourself until you can barely do the minimal.


You will be rewarded highly for you duties! Will be paid with partial land to live on as well as food provided from my family. As well as being able to attend family celebrations and get together!


I would prefer for you to have quick reflexes, controlled emotions, and be courageous. Please make sure you are skilled in using "The Japanese Sword."

Personal Values

Important Values; Honesty I don't want someone who keeps to themselves and then lies about it. Friendly-I want my family to feel good around you act as a part of the family.
Determined-I want them to know that you will do anything in your power to stop anyone or anything from getting to us.