Southwest Region

Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico By: Morgan and Emery

San Antonio, Texas

The Texan army was trying to defend the alamo the Mexican troops during the Texas revolution.


Lego land located in DFW, Texas
Great Wolf Lodge located in Grapevine
Grand Canyon located in Phoenix, Arizona

Salsa and Cornbread

Salsa and cornbread are very popular in southwest. The reason salsa is so popular is because the Spanish people eat it a lot because the southwest region has a lot of it. The salsa is chunky, and juicy.

The Moore Tornado 2013

The Moore tornado took out about all of the town there was only three neighborhood that wasn't killed. Tons of people were killed or they were very very injured. Some people did make but if you were in the Warren Movie Theather at 3:32 and you made it alive you are very lucky.