by Jordan Sykes


Colonel Hared Sanders started KFC he had a side job for customers at his gas station. One day he got tired of home cooked food. He and his parents decided to start his own restaurant. His parents made some chicken, and he used their recipe to start his own business. People kept coming and asking for more chicken.


After KFC was opened, they moved to England and were able to start a new business. When KFC opened, there wasn't any competition like Popeye's and McDonald's. This meant he was able to do well with his business. Now KFC is so big because of how popular it is.


Kentucky Fried Chicken has impacted the people that buy it. It didn't cost that much and it is the best chicken. They ate it and really liked it. Other businesses thought maybe they should sell chicken. Life without KFC would cause bad things to happen. People would feel sad and they would want KFC. That's why KFC is a wonderful place.

Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders started Kentucky Fried Chicken. He started the company because they wanted to serve home cooked chicken to people. By the time he died, KFC made over 2 billion dollars each year. He donates a lot of money to charity. Colonel Sanders' face is on the KFC box.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken is so good and crunchy. It is special because the crunchyness is like sparkles tingle in your mouth. KFC is important because it tastes good and people like chicken. When they sell chicken they show pictures on commericals of Colonel Sanders and that makes people want to eat KFC! That's why I think it's the best.
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