"All About" ....Books

by Lauren Heim

What is an "All About" Book?

- Students put together a booklet with four or five pages

- They choose 1 topic

- Students add illustrations to help present what their book is about

- Students then read their books to their teachers before presenting

- Once they are complete, they sit in the "Authors Chair" and read it to the class!

Why is this important?

Creating a "All About" Book in your classroom is a great way to prepare them for the writing process.

Students can research different topics and choose their favorite hobby or activity.

It helps students focus on writing and specific content areas.


1) Choose a topic for the book

2) Gather and organize ideas for writing - have your students brainstorm different topics

3) Write the book

4) Read the book with your teacher - check for any grammar mistakes/conventions

5) Share the completed book with the class- Authors Chair!

What purpose is All About Books?