fragile ecosystem

Daintree Rainforest by Byron Robertson 5/6s


Rainforest have approximately 3000 species of plants and 700 of them are found in the daintree. The daintree is a world heritage area which means it is protected by an internationally reconised body.
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The daintree rainforest is found in North Queensland Australia.It is one and most diverse and beuatiful of mothers natures work in the world.Also the daintree is home to very unique animals.
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In the daintree there is approximately 40 species of ferns living in the dain tree rain forest.Also in the daintree there are 4 different layers called the emergent,canopy,under story and the forest floor
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Mammals, such as the tree kangaroo, are small and shy and they hide up high in the canopy.Amphibians, like the common green frog lives in moist dark places on the forest floor. The green frog eats insect such as moths,flies and crickets.There are some endangered animals in the Daintree like the cassorwary


Guided walks 4 wheel or eight drive.It also let them see the beautiful ecosystem.This world heritage area bio diverse regions in Queens land. Deserves to be on your radar for so far so many reason.


The dain tree is heart and soul of the daintree rainforest. The daintree however it is also rapidly get cut down which means we are geting rid of the animals habitats. Because deforestion remains a big threat to the animals and plant live.