March 15, 2018

Hi Vanguardians!!

First, our Vanguard Family has grown...Special Congratulations to SLC Lead Daren Clay on welcoming Baby Boy Mathis!

“Change Brings Opportunities” -Nido Qubei

Over the last several months, I have been working and planning many opportunities for the future of Vanguard. I am excited and challenged by the work. I know information is coming in small pieces. Thank you for understanding and your patience, while I work with the leadership team to get everything organized.

This VanWeekly has important information regarding the Vancademy and the iPad Inventory Audit. Please review this information carefully.

Last thing - Spend Money!!! If you have received a $500 stipend, deadlines to spend are approaching. If you received your money in the first round, your deadline is MARCH 20!

If you received your money in the second round, your deadline is MARCH 30!


PS- edcampFULTON is in 9 days!

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New INFO This Week in the VanWeekly

  • EdCamp Challenge
  • iPad Inventory Audit
  • Vancademy Showcase Presenters
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EdCampFulton Challenge

Our next EdCamp is on March 24th at Ridgeview Charter.

We are issuing a challenge for all Vanguard members to bring a co-worker, friend (or friends), or any other EDTech enthusiast with them to the next EdCamp. The more the Merrier!

For each person you bring as a #VanGuest, you will receive 2 bonus points.

RSVP Below:

March 24 | edcampFulton Information

New Site with updated information for March 24 Ridgeview Middle School Event.

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As Vanguard, iPads are provided with UNLIMITED data plans, which is part of the prestige of being on Vanguard! We are very lucky that Fulton Co. Schools values the work we do and provides such a great resource. Vanguard Leadership knows these are a valuable tool used everyday and taking up iPads isn’t something taken lightly.

Vanguard will be doing its First Inventory Audit. Our iPads have to be managed, organized, and tagged in order to be enrolled in Airwatch like other district devices.

To make this as easy of a process as possible for all involved on April 11, 2018, ALL Vanguard iPads will be collected. Since this is our first collection of iPads, we are forecasting your iPad to be gone for approximately a month. But again since this is our first time collecting to this extent, it may take longer. After we get all iPads collected, we will assess the timeline and communicate the return of iPads as soon as we know more.

In advance, thank you for your time preparing your device and patience while the inventory audit is completed.

Preparing your iPad for collection

  1. Backup your iPad to iCloud (only if you want everything to be exactly as you have it now)

  2. Update the iPad to 11.2.6 or higher (or as high as your iPad will go)

  3. Charge to 80% or higher

  4. Remove all stickers NOT used by Fulton (barcode and Vanguard should stay)

  5. Sign out of iCloud (this includes find my iPad)

  6. Wipe iPad by “Erase All Content and Settings”

  7. Turn into School Lead by end of school day April 10, 2018

    1. iPad Air - only the iPad

    2. iPad Pro - iPad, Case, Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard

Timeline of iPad collection

March 27 - School Leads should receive the collection kit.

  • Confirm receiving the iPad Inventory Audit Collection Kit - HERE

  • Confirm all members understand iPads are being collected.

April 9&10 -

  • School Leads - collecting school iPads

    • Complete form indicating all devices from the school are collected and bagged

    • All bags should be at the front desk by 8 AM April 11

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How have you been a Vanguardian?

Vanguard(n): A group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas.

Call for Vancademy Showcase Presenters!!

Hopefully the beginning of a Vanguard staple at events, we are putting out an all-call for Vanguard members who are willing to showcase the great work they are doing at their school.

Dynamic Format:

During this fast-paced, high energy, showcase you will have two minutes to share your story. We encourage accompanying AV support, which is encouraged, but not required.

If you are interested in applying, please send in a 30-seconds to a 1-minute video explaining the work you want to showcase. Don't over think it, this is just to let us know what you want to talk about.

Video application Due: April 16th by 6PM

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Previously... In the VanWeekly

  • Save the Dates
  • 3D Printing Jedi needed
  • Stipend Deadline............................................... March 20th
  • #FCSVANGUARD Chat.......................................March 22nd
  • EdCamp Fulton: Ridgeview Charter...............March 24th
  • School Lead Call...................................................April 12th
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Are you the ObiWan of the 3D Printer world?

Are you someone who is a master of the 3D printer?

Do you have any students up for a design challenge?
Can you help design something with Tinkercad?
Then we need you!

We are interested in having something 3D printed and need your help. We will supply the filament we just need the help designing and printing.
Please reach out to Chanel Johnson

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New Member Corner

Hey Vanguard New Members! Assignments 6 and 8 are now live in iTunes U under Module 5. They are due by the end of next week (Friday, March 23rd). Assignments 9 and 10 will be posted next week with a due date of Friday, March 30th).

To ensure that you don't run out of time, let me review again what you need to complete between now and Spring Break.

You will need to

  1. Have a goal-setting/strategy conference with your coachee
  2. Provide coaching/assistance so your coachee can meet those goals
  3. Conduct a "final" observation of your coachee (assignment 9)
  4. Have a post-conference (assignment 10).

Start planning now so you don't have a frantic last few days of the month.

Some other points:

  • The new member points spreadsheet has been updated.
  • To respond to some questions I was getting, no I won't be able to import the results of the Plan/Do/Check/Act from our January 5th PD day. It is optional, so if you want those 5 points, you'll need to complete Assignment 3 as linked in iTunes U.
  • We have our final new member call next Thursday, March 22nd, at 7pm, at the usual phone number. I'll remind you all again next week in Teams and over email.

FCS Vanguard Team

Our mission as a Vanguard team is to build the capacity of FCS educators and leaders to personalize learning through coaching and instructional technology.

Leadership Team

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