The Rolling Experience of the Oceanside Earthquake


by Molly Morgan

“There was so much screaming my ears hurt and the chandelier was swaying side to side.” Today we discuss the fact of earthquakes. MM Times interviewed father of Molly Morgan and four other children Donald leonard-morgan the third. We asked him about his experience during the quake what damage was done how he felt and lastly how to prepare for another one. These questions will be answered in this interview along with others.

One of these questions in the interview was what did you feel during the earthquake. Don answered I was scared and nervous but the building was on rollers so it swayed a lot I was very confused. There was a lot of screaming it was in the night so he spent it hiding in his bed trying to stay calm. Named Oceanside earthquake it had a magnitude of 5.4. Since he was in a roller building the damage was not severe.

The oceanside earthquake was off the coast of San Diego on the island of Coronado 1986 July 13th. The technology was knew he was very lucky to be in such a uniquely structured building. Are source talks about how this was very close to the Mexican earthquake that happened just below Coronado and the building had many people from that earthquake in it so during the event many were screaming scared of that this might be a return of the one they escaped.

Don says that you should go outside during an earthquake. He is also heard that going in a bathtub helps! The main piece of advice is to stay calm stick with the people you know and make sure that you are happy and helpful during the event. We are so grateful for this interveiw and thank Don for his time.