Unit 1: Early Civilization


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  • Abrham is the founding father of Judaism.
  • Started in Isreal
  • Centreal Beliefs: They thought that their god was powerful and the creator
  • Monotheistic
  • Teachings of judaism is found in the book Torah
  • Is one of the oldest religions in the world.
  • The original language of Judaism is Hebrew
Hinduism and Buddhism: World History Review
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  • Siddhartha Gautama is the Farther of buddism
  • Began in India
  • Polytheistic
  • Four Noble truths
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  • Brahama is the founder of Hinduism
  • Began in India
  • Hindus believed in reincarnation, Only top of the caste system can achieve Moskha
  • Polytheistic
  • Teachings are found in the vedas
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  • Was the founder of judaism and hebrew peoplw
  • led his people to the borders of northern canaan
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Amonhotep IV

  • Tried to change the religion of Egypt from polytheistic to monotheistic
  • Though the one God was the sun symbolized by a disk called the Aton.
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  • Proved to be a greater ruler
  • fought bloody wars to increase the size of his kingdom
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Caste System

  • Divided people based on their religion in hinduism
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‎2,000 Years of Chinese History! The Mandate of Heaven and Confucius: World History #7


  • Taught the importance of family,respect for elders, and reverance for the past and one's ancestors
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Gupta Dynasty

  • The relative decline of buddahism and the growth of Hinduism
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  • conquered most of the tigris and euphrates valley
  • political leader and law maker
  • creator of the Code Of Hammurabi
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  • resigned as a pharaoh
  • strong ruler who kept Egypt borders secure and built trade with other lands.
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Mandate Of Heaven

  • A right, Zhou rulers believed that god of Heaven determined who should rule china
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  • united all of egypt into one kingdom
  • improved irrigaton and trade
  • made egypt wealthier
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Ancient Egypt: Crash Course World History #4

Old kingdom

  • Exsisted about 2680 b.c. to 2180
  • Great Sphinx was built and large pyramids
  • Had two classes lower class and upper classes
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Middle kingdom

  • Golden age
  • Nobles and priests began to weaken power of the pharoahs
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New kingdom

  • Pharaohs held absolute power
  • strict government
  • built an empire
  • is the period in ancient Egyptian history between the 16th century BC and the 11th century BC
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  • Led the exodus
  • The escape of Hebrews
  • climbed the top of Mount. Siani
  • Ten Commandments
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  • relating to, or characteristic of a system of society or government controlled by men.
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Qin Dynasty

  • came to power with military might
  • established autocracy (Emperor held total power)
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Ramses The Great

  • ruled from 1279 to 1213
  • kept the Egyptian empire together and ordered the construction of many temples and monuments
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Siddhartha Gautama

  • known as Bhudda or "enlightened one"
  • founder of Buddhism
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Zhou Dynasty

  • granted all terrorist to Member of the royal family and their allies
  • lasted 500 years
  • lost formal power
  • The Zhou dynasty is one of the Three Dynasties of antiquity
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  • taught that on earth people receive training for a future life
  • Said that the in the world the forces of good and evil battle one another
  • Those who choose good would be rewarded with eternal blessings; those who choose evil would face punishment