Nicolas Valley Elementary

"Knightly News"- October

Our Mission

At Nicolas Valley- We educate, engage, and enrich every child, every day in a safe and supportive environment.

Our Goal- To empower and equip students to be productive and responsible citizens, through the use of technology, a culture for learning, and healthy connections within the school and community.

A Note from the Principal

Greetings Nicolas Valley families,

Well, we have moved into Fall and October already. The school year is in full swing with October being a busy month at NVES. October 1st marks the school's 30th anniversary which will be celebrated during our Friday morning line up.

Parent-teacher conferences are the week of October 11 - 15 and will be held virtually once again. All school days are modified that week, so that teachers have the opportunity to meet with all parents. This is a great opportunity to find out information about your child both academically and behaviorally. Join the meeting prepared to ask any questions you might have specifically about your child or in general about the classroom or school. If you are unable to participate at the day/time the teacher has assigned, please reach out as soon as possible so that a new time can be scheduled.

A few important reminders:

  • Please do NOT use your cells phones at any time during the drop off/pick up procedures. Not only is driving and using your phone illegal, it is unsafe, especially around so many young children.
  • Arrival Bells- Gates open at 8:40 am, so plan to arrive with enough time for your child to get to class on time. The first bell rings at 8:50 am which is when we close the gates. It does not mean your child is tardy, but s/he will need to enter through the office. At 8:55 am the second bell rings and school starts, so any arrivals after that second bell do require a tardy slip through the office. The reason for this procedure is that school actually begins at 8:55 am and we want students in class, ready to learn at that time, not still walking onto campus.
  • Your child's social media- (Tik Tok specifically) Make sure that you are always monitoring your student's social media accounts and access. There is a "challenge" going on right now directing students to vandalize the schools in a variety of ways. Vandalism is illegal and also violates education code, so there will be immediate and severe consequences for any students found to be vandalizing the school for any reason. Have a conversation with your child about making good decisions in what they are viewing as well as their actions.


Ms. Harman and Mrs. O'Brien

Important Dates to Remember

October 1st ~ NVES 30th Anniversary Friday Line-Up

Students and staff will celebrate NVES’ 30th Anniversary at Friday Line-Up.

October 4th-October 8th ~ Book Fair

Follett Book Fair. Your child will attend the book fair during their normally scheduled library time. TK and Kinder teachers will inform you when their classes are scheduled to attend. The Book Fair will not be open before or after school.

October 11th-October 15th ~ Parent/Teacher Conference Week

All students, TK through 5th grade, will attend school from 8:55 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. all week. Teachers will be scheduling meetings with parents to review student progress thus far before school or after 1 p.m. If you don’t have an appointment scheduled by Wednesday, October 6th, please contact your teacher to schedule a day/time.

October 25th-October 29th ~ Red Ribbon Week

Please look for more information to be forwarded from PTA/Student Council.

Modified Days

All students, TK through 5th grade, will attend school from 8:55 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. on the following dates: 10/6/2021, 10/11/2021, 10/12/2021, 10/13/2021, 10/14/2021, 10/15/2021, 10/20/2021 and 10/27/2021.

Friday Line-Up

Friday line-up will occur on the following Fridays: 10/1/2021, 10/8/2021, 10/15/2021, 10/22/2021, and 10/29/2021.

Social Emotional Learning Corner

Please join us in welcoming our newly hired social worker Mabel Alvarez.

Miss Alvarez comes to us with her master's in social work with a concentration in mental health and sub-concentration in school social work. She graduated from her master's program in 2012. She has also been a licensed clinical social worker for 2 years and comes from an extensive background in mental health services for at risk youth (foster youth and probation) in LA county. We are very excited to add such an experienced member to our staff.

We wanted to provide a quick overview of her duties specifically as a school social worker (as they are a bit different from the private sector):

“Social workers working within school systems provide services to students to enhance their emotional well-being and improve their academic performance. School social workers are often called on to help students, families, and teachers address problems such as truancy, social withdrawal, overaggressive behaviors, rebelliousness, and the effects of special physical, emotional, or economic problems (Barker, 2003). School social workers often also address issues such as substance abuse and sexuality issues in the higher-grade levels.”

If you feel your child needs some social-emotional learning support, please reach out to the teacher, and s/he can make the referral to Miss Alvarez.


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Main Office: 8:00am-4:00pm 951-695-7180

Attendance: 951-695-7185

School starts: 8:55 am, 1st-5th grades

School ends: 3:20pm, 1st-5th grades

Early bird Kinders: 8:55am-1:00pm

Late bird Kinders: 10:30am-2:35pm