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The 5th outer planet.

Symbol of Saturn

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How Saturn got its name

Saturn is named after Cronus the father of Zeus.

How Saturn was discovered

Saturn was discovered with a telescope of Galileo in 1610 on Earth.

What Saturn looks like

It has rings. It's rings are made of dust,ice, and rocks. it is really BIG.

Distances of Saturn

Order from the Sun: 7th

Distance from the sun in AU: 9.5 AU

in km: 1429 km

Distance from the Earth in AU: 9.58 AU

in km:1.2 billion km

Orbit and rotation of Saturn

Numebr of days to orbit around the sun: 87,969 days

Length of one day (number of hours in one day): 10 hours and 13 mins.

Water forms on Saturn

There is NO water on Earth.

53 moons without water.

Rings and Satellites on Saturn

Rings: Saturn's rings are 1 killomiter of thickness. Saturn has 23 rings it's rings are blue,white,orange,blue green and more colors.

Satellites: Saturn's satellites are moons it has 53 moons (satellites)

Weather on Saturn

It is really cold on Saturn. You can freeze on Saturn.

Exploration on Saturn

Cassini and Galileo were the exporers that discoverd Saturn.

Human colony on Saturn

NO because it is made of gas.

(Gas giant)

Picture of Saturn

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Atmosphere and Temperature of Saturn

Atmosphere: Saturn's atmosphere are hydrogen,methane, and helium.

Temperature: The temperature of Saturn is -184 degrees C and (-300 degrees F).