Digital Citizenship Week 2015

Resources and Support for starting the conversation

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Celebrating Digital Citizenship at Titan Hill

It's Digital Citizenship Week!

Although our conversations about digital citizenship and being digital leaders need to be happening all year, Josh and I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to begin the conversations in your classrooms.

What do teachers need to know about Digital Citizenship?

So what is Digital Citizenship and how do you begin to talk to your students about it? Here’s a great introductory video for teachers:
Digital Citizenship -- Teachers

So what are we asking you to do with your students?

It’s important that our students are learning about digital citizenship from all of us all year long, but we want to take advantage of Digital Citizenship Week as a way to kickoff these important conversations.

To support your efforts to begin these conversations with your students, Josh and I have gathered some videos and activities we’d like you to show, do and discuss with your students.

I've included three different videos that cover various aspects of Digital Citizenship. The first is an introduction to digital citizenship; the second is 5 Facts/Suggests of how to practice positive digital citizenship; and the third is 5 ways to leave a positive digital footprint. All three videos are less than 2 minutes. During this next week. please view and discuss these videos with your students.

You will also find copies of a Digital Citizenship Pledge and coloring page in your mailbox. After viewing the videos and discussing with your students, please have your students talk about and decorate the pledge. There are two spots where they can add information your class might have discussed. This pledge comes from Common Sense Media, the resource I use with the students during library time. As we continue focusing on digital citizenship throughout the year, we will continue to support your conversations with your students with some great resources such as (more information to come).

So when am I supposed to do this?

So when do you fit this in? I know both 2nd and 3rd grade have been discussing what it means to be a good citizen during their social studies times. This would be a wonderful opportunity to extend the conversation to what it means to be a good citizen in a digital environment. I know 4th and 5th grade are currently finishing up their science units, but this would be a nice transitional conversation in preparation for your switch to social studies.

Student Videos

Digital Citizenship in Schools
Digital Citizenship
5 Ways to Make a Positive Digital Footprint!

Digital Citizenship Pledge (copies will be in your mailbox)

Thank you!!

Thank you for starting this important conversation with your students. Please let Josh and I know what additional supports we can offer to you!


Lynn and Josh