World Religions

By. Jessica James


Christians believe in one God the father, and his son Jesus Christ. They believe that Jesus came to the earth and lived a perfect sinless life to save us from all of our sins. He died on a cross to sacrifice himself so that our sins were wiped clean. Christmas was the day that Jesus was born and is a big holiday in the Christian faith. Easter is another major holiday in Christianity because it is the day that Jesus was resurrected from the dead. Christians believe that once you die depending on the life you lived and if you were a follower of Jesus or not wil depend if you go to Heaven or Hell.

What is Christianity in 5 Minutes


The Jews believe in one God and one God only. They have a holy book called to Torah which is said to be from Gods word. Rosh Hashanah is a major Jewish holiday that occurs on the first day of the month. Yom Kippur is another Jewish holiday that is called the day of atonement. Very similar to Christianity.

What Is Judaism?


Hindus believe that all life is sacred, to be loved and revered, and therefore practice ahimsa, noninjury, in thought, word and deed. They believe in a one, all-pervasive Supreme Being who is both immanent and transcendent, both Creator and Unmanifest Reality. Hinduism has four main denominations--Saivism, Shaktism, Vaishnavism and Smartism. They also believe in reincarnation and karma.

What is Hinduism?


Buddhism has a long and rich history. From the time of Shakyamuni Buddha, based on whose teachings Buddhism developed, to the present day, this religion has changed how millions of people view the world. The teachings of Buddhism evolved over a long period of time, spreading from the Indian subcontinent into other parts of Asia and across the globe.

The Truth about Buddhism


Understanding Islam begins with looking at the basic beliefs (Five Pillars of Faith) and required rituals (Five Pillars of Worship) of Muslims as well as the different Islamic sects that Muslims may belong to. Islam's Five Pillars of Worship and Five Pillars of Faith provide the supports of a Muslim's daily spiritual life. Although all true Muslims share these beliefs and rituals.

What is Islam?