More White Collars & ITT

More White Collars!

Before the 1950s, there were a lot of blue collar jobs, meaning a lot of people working in factories and hard working jobs with not the best pay. That was during the war time, when the armies across seas needed supplies, and more people had to work hard to make them.

By 1956, most of Americans no longer had blue collar jobs. There were more people working in the office and making more money with white collar jobs. This went on from the 1950s to today. This was going on all across America, North and South, East and West. The cause of this surge in white collars is getting out of WWII. Without the need for supplies across seas, a lot of people didn't need to work hard in factories. The reason for taking white collar jobs was because they didn't want to work too hard and they wanted a job that they liked. The result of this was more businesses starting and slower productions in factories. This was significant for all people that received white collar jobs because they got to do what they wanted to and got paid for it.

International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT)

Their business was communications, bought car-rental companies, insurance companies, and hotel/motel chains. They were extremely successful. This was a conglomerate, which is a major corporation that includes a number of smaller companies in unrelated industries. This corporation started in 1920 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The cause of this was so citizens and consumers could get new products and keep them safe. The reason is so ITT could get publicity and more consumers with more ideas. ITT resulted in a big success with massive popularity. The significance of ITT was so American consumers can get new things, enjoy life more, with less worrying.