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We are the heART of Hillcrest!

Welcome to our weekly staff newsletter!

Whether you are feeling like a Shark or a Jet, this newsletter will come to you every Friday afternoon with details for the upcoming week. If you have any information, small business items, or events to share, please email the title, narrative, and specifics to Jane or Calvin.

The week of September 19th - 23rd

Bus Duty:

AM - Jody, Anna & Amy W.

PM - Lee, Cory & Kris

Treats: Feel free to bring a treat when ever you want, or not

Word of the Week: Responsibility


Monday, September 19th (Day 1)
  • 8:20 - BLT Meeting

Tuesday, September 20th (Day 2)

  • 8:20 - Staff Meeting
  • 11:25 - 1:00 Boy Scout Representative in LR

Wednesday, September 21st (Day 3)

  • 8:30 - 9:10 Tech Team Meeting
  • 8:30 - 9:00 SWIM Team Meeting (Lindsey's Room)
  • 9:45 - 3:15 Grade 3 Field Trip - River Rendezvous
  • 9:45 - 10:15 - Bus Evacuation Practice
  • 3:15 - Fundraiser Kickoff!

Thursday, September 22nd (Day 1)

  • 8:00 - 12:00 - Calvin out of building
  • 8:20 - PLC Team Meeting Time

Friday, September 23rd (Day 2)

  • 8:30 - ISST Meeting
  • 3:15 - All School Rally!

Staff Meeting Schedule (Topics)

9/13 - QComp

9/20 - Office of Educational Equity and Committee Work

10/4 - Artful Learning and Boule's

10/18 - TBD

Upcoming Events

September 28th - Fall Picture Day

October 5th - Fundraiser Orders due

October 6th - Vision & Hearing Screening

October 11th - PTSA Meeting

Artful Learning

Leonard Bernstein at 100

Leonard Bernstein at 100 is a worldwide Centennial celebration of the composer, conductor, pianist, educator, and humanitarian. The Centennial begins on August 25, 2017, on the day of his 99th birthday, and runs through August 25, 2019.

The Ordway Center for Performing Arts will be putting up a two week run of Westside Story in April. Hillcrest will be partnering with the Ordway to celebrate both Bernstein and the musical. More details will be shared in the coming months.

Learn more about what Bernstein created during his lifetime here:


Transforming Hillcrest

Last October we came up with a list of items that we wanted to accomplish here at Hillcrest to help make our building feel more welcoming and Artful. Below is that list with comments on where we stand in doing them.


  • remove clutter
  • have common display frames
  • new paint


  • add color or pattern
  • have a school rug
  • spruce up the display


  • put student artwork up -- DONE
  • re-paint -- DONE
  • have warmer lighting (and welcoming furniture)


  • remove/repaint bench -- REMOVED
  • clear doors of paper -- DONE
  • sail signs for along the driveway -- INSTALLED
  • benches along parkside entrance

If there is one item above that you feel you can help accomplish in the coming month, please feel free to act.

Learning Supports

Sheridan Story - Launch

Postcards to help start the registration of families in need went out on Friday, 9/9 and Monday, 9/12. If you know of any families in need, you can refer them to me or Rachel our social worker and we'll make sure that they are contacted.

Quick Reminder of What It's All About:

The Sheridan Story facilitates a partnership between community organizations, such as churches, and schools. The church (in our case - Hillcrest United Methodist Church) sponsors a school, which encompasses investing in the relationship with the school and also paying for, packing, and distributing food directly to the children. The Sheridan Story provides the logistical, sourcing, and organizational expertise necessary to execute the process of providing a weekend food supply.

The goal of the partnerships is to feed hungry children while developing a lasting relationship between the community and the school.

It is very important to provide kids with as much food as they are able to carry home in order to provide them with the nutrition they need to grow and learn. We have determined that the best range is approximately 4.5-5 lbs of food per bag.


After School Classes

Russ and Calvin will be working on setting up after-school reading and math classes to start after MEA break. If you are interested in teaching reading or math after-school, please let Calvin know.

Ann Bancroft Foundation

The Ann Bancroft Foundation is working to create a world where every girl has a chance to live her dream and reach her full potential.

Since 1997, ABF has awarded Dare to Dream and Let Me Play Grants of $500 each to more than 3,000 Minnesota girls—connecting them to mentors, funding and encouragement to help them reach for their highest goals.

  • Provide grants to girls ages 5 through high school graduation to realize a dream
  • Encourage and support programs with girls' organizations
  • Form strategic partnerships with corporations to support other organizations programs

The foundation is now accepting applications!


Other Information and News

Building Reminders

A friendly reminder from our engineering staff . . .

  • No gum in the hallways and cafeteria
  • Please have students brush off bark chips before coming into the school (also have them help pick them up chips off the floor at clean up time)
  • Please do not daisy chain or link your power chords to each other
  • Please put trash and recycling cans by your classroom door at the end of the day
  • Please put chairs up on tables at the end of the day

Registration for SY18

Registration for Hillcrest for SY18 Enrollment will open mid-October and close the last week of November. We will have space at all grade levels, with the most limited spaces in 2nd and 3rd grade.

If you have questions, please speak with Calvin

Personal Leave Requests

Be sure to submit your leave requests through MyLeave in MyView (TIES). If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask Calvin.