Ms. Ajmera's Class

Inspiring Students To Think with Depth and Complexity

March 22, 2015

  • In language arts we are continuing with our novel studies. I am planning on everyone completing at least one more novel. Some students will be able to complete two more novels, based on how quickly and efficiently they work in class. We have also started with our second vocabulary workshop book. Students will be expected to finish at least one unit per week but may work ahead. In writing students are writing a final draft of another five paragraph essay.
  • In math students are working through their math-lete assignments. We have team competitions every Monday. In addition, we are going to focus extensively on problem solving strategies since I noticed it to be an area of relative weakness for almost all of the students. Student are also continuing to work through Apex as well.
  • In science we have started our study of matter and continuing with the innovation projects. I have asked the teams to show me a prototype by the end of this coming week. They are also working on their business cards, product names and logo.
  • In geography we completed a study on the economics of countries and how geography can impact the economy of a country. The students enjoyed a world auction where they were able to bid on exports from other countries. Each country had various amounts of money to buy goods based on their per capita income. The inequity among countries became quite evident and lead to a great discussion on how countries can generate non-tangible exports for example in technology.

General Information

  • If we have not me for a course plan please contact me so we can set an appointment.
  • Please RSVP for the formal dinner and graduation by April 1st. Students and two adults are included this year. If you have any other questions please email Mrs. Salinas.
  • After School pick will be in different classrooms every week. Please come in from the front door. There is a sign on the table that indicates which classroom the students will be in for the week.