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October 2021

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Hello Lincoln Cluster Families

Greetings Lincoln Cluster Families,

During the month of October, all of our students in the Lincoln Cluster took the FAST reading and Demi math assessments. Our Principals and site teams are working as Professional Learning Communities (PLC) to analyze the results of these assessments and develop the next steps for each student’s learning. As a district, we are focusing on implementing a Guaranteed Viable Curriculum (GVC) at all schools alongside a Literacy Acceleration Plan for our earliest learners. Our GVC are the Critical Concepts also known as Priority Standards as each teacher at each grade level aligns thinking, doing, communicating, and teaming tasks to support our learners in both the mastering of the standards and the demonstrating of independence with these standards. Identifying these standards helps us ensure that all students are learning the most critical standards coupled with the cognitive behaviors and skills associated with them throughout their courses for this school year. Each site leader establishes the necessary systems and structures for PLC’s to strategically monitor the student data in order to plan lessons with intentionality and set up the conditions in the classroom for all students to be successful. Lincoln cluster leaders and staff continue to rise above all expectations when navigating new terrain this year with the complexities of covid, the mental health of our staff and students, and the acceleration needed to best support our literacy agenda. Together we are strongest.

Stay blessed,


Bruce R. Bivins
Area 1 Superintendent

Lincoln High School

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Lincoln High School

The Hive is buzzing with excitement following the Lincoln Homecoming celebrations combined with welcoming industry members back to in person career exploration with our students. We had a great turnout of students, community and alumni attend homecoming to celebrate the return of a regular football season and the classes of the ‘11, ‘01, ‘91, and ‘81. Ariana Moreno and Jahlil Tucker were named Homecoming Queen and King. Junior Class Princess was Maya Youngblood and Prince was Adrian de Santiago. Lincoln students are honored to also welcome community members back into our classrooms like Engineers, Charles Johnson, Dr. Brittney Wheeler, and Sunday Oyeniya for the first of a series of career talks with our students. Partnering with local professionals is a proud tradition that we continue throughout our sports programs, clubs like Mock Trial where students are coached by real attorneys and of course in the classrooms. Students are back in the theater doing theater games and getting comfortable on stage with Teaching Artists from the San Diego Opera and Ms. Wilensky’s 10th grade English class. Our dedication to preparing students for college and careers continues to expand with the launch and development of our career pathways through small personalized learning communities we are calling Centers. The Centers and pathways are as follows: Center for Biotechnology & Engineering; Center for Medical & Emergency Services; and the Center for Performing & Communication Technology where students will have classes in the Technical Theater and Video/Broadcast Journalism pathways. Students across all Centers will continue to have access to our Computer Science pathway as well. Each pathway will include opportunities for career and college exploration through guest speakers, college and industry tours, mentorship and internship opportunities. To learn more about sending your students to Lincoln or get involved as an industry partner, please contact College & Career Pathway Coordinator, Lori Williams at

Knox Middle School

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Knox Middle

Knox students participated in a robotics competition this month. Students worked in teams of 2-3 students to build ROV’s and will had the opportunity to test their vehicles in the pool at Sea Lodge. Knox will be forming a partnership with the Walter Munk Foundation to support our future robotics endeavors. Knox has a morning Robotics Advisory program as well as a Coding class as part of our CTE pathway. Students are learning to code with Python and have in the past also coded with Lego.

Millennial Tech Middle School

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MTM students are learning about hydroponics and growing their very own lettuce and looking forward to a harvesting party with extra to take home. Thanks to a generous donation by Urban Growers all grade levels get to participate. EarthLab is enhancing students' understanding about microbiomes by teaching them about compost and it’s benefits. Students at MTM are putting the “E” in STEAM by learning to program and code using Ozobots, Micro:bit and Spheros.

Porter Elementary School

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Porter Elem.

This year, at Porter, we are continuing our work on strengthening our literacy instruction by ensuring that our students know what they are learning, why they are learning it, and how they know when they have learned it. This Clarity of Purpose will only help our students become better readers, writers, listeners, and speakers. Along with this school focus, our UTK-2nd grade staff is participating in the Literacy Acceleration Plan which focuses on ensuring that our students are proficient readers by the end of their second grade year. This will support all of our students as they take these skills to 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. All of our teachers are currently learning more about Shared Reading and Guided Reading and what this looks like in our classrooms with our current students. We are also learning how to assess our students through multiple measures to truly know what our students are controlling and what skills they are approximating. All of this information helps our teams know how to support all of our students. Our teachers are working hard, as are our students, to make sure all of our students are growing in their reading and writing and becoming critical thinkers.

Baker Elementary School

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Baker Elem.

Students at Baker Elementary School demonstrated their STEAM skills at a new SmartLab on OCtober 15, 2021, showcasing one of the San Diego Unified School District’s newest high-tech learning spaces before an audience of industry mentors who helped develop the facility.

Funded with a grant of more than $140,000 from Campos EPC, an engineering, procurement and construction firm headquartered in Denver, the lab is designed to help students from kindergarten through fifth-grade produce original ideas, objects, and structures using STEAM concepts and skills. To see a video of students working on projects in the Baker Elementary SmartLab, take a look at this video.

“We are very grateful and honored that Campos EPC has chosen Baker Elementary School in San Diego Unified School District as the first recipient of a Campos EPC SmartLab in the state of California,” said Baker Elementary Principal Kathleen Gallagher. “This will enhance the STEAM education of some of our youngest learners here in San Diego, starting in a very high need and well-deserving school in our district.”

The SmartLab provides opportunities for hands-on exploration, potentially inspiring students to pursue science-based careers in the fields of medicine, engineering and more.

“It’s an opportunity I didn’t have as a child,” said Founder and Chief Executive Marco Campos of Campos EPC. “I know it would have meant a lot to me. Generally, we just need more exposure to STEAM. It’s the future of our country.”

Lab teacher Rich Redmond says the SmartLab is already creating a buzz for students and staff. “My goal is that we hear our students say, ‘I’m going to be a doctor, scientist, geologist, engineer, game designer, robotics expert,’ said Redmond. “It happened today when a kindergartener, without prompting, remembered that it is his day for the lab and told his dad, ‘I’m going to be an engineer when I grow up!’”

Nye Elementary School

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Nye Elem.

Nye Elementary Students know how to show leadership and save our planet thru their actions!
A big shout out to Nye students who continue to excel and show leadership at school and in the community.

Girl Scout Troop Shout out to Faith, Maddie, and Jenolyn for receiving the Bronze Award, the highest Girl Scouts award at their junior level. They are making the world a better place! See the video to find out how: Congratulations!

Nye students' are running for student council to support our school. We are so proud of our candidates who are committed to making Nye and their community a better place.

Valencia Park Elementary School

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Valencia Park Elementary

We started off this school year at Valencia Park with some work on affirmations! Students were invited to share their favorite affirmations with the school in an art contest.
On the day we announced the winners of the contest in a school Zoom assembly, we had a special surprise for the school- Erika Baty, author of the picture book, Chocolates, was on our Zoom! She read the affirming picture book with the school, and that’s not all- each winner of the art contest received a copy of her book! Pictured are our art contest winners with Erika Baty: Vanessa Chavarria, Ava Brown, Isaias Garcia, Sofia Romero, Nevaeha Minfield, and Luz Bella Frias.
We are so proud of the many affirmations we’ve seen our students make so far this year!

Balboa Elementary School

Balboa Elem.

Dear Families, please view this post as ALL information for many things from opportunities to grow, re-energize, and celebrate. As we all know it takes time and effort to move actions into opportunities andsuccess. Thank you for taking the time to read and explore this information.

For Latinx/Hispanic/Latino/a families:

Movement Cub Video:

Chavez Elementary School

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Chavez Elem.

At Chavez, we embrace multicultural and multilingual students. Our families have the option to enroll their child into our VIP Dual Language Program. We use the 50/50 model where the student receives English instruction for half of the day and then Spanish instruction for the second half. Our program articulates from TK/Kinder to 5th grade. The school interviewed multiple DL students and asked them, “How does being in the DL program helped you as a student?” They highlighted that being in the program has helped them overcome academic struggle when dealing with challenging concepts, subjects or difficult words. Being in DL has also had a positive impacted at home. Students are able to carry conversations with their Spanish-speaking parents and when needed translate information for their parents. Now, what is intriguing about our students in the VIP DL Program is that they are continually build their academic skills in both languages and simultaneously building their confidence as

Horton Elementary School

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Horton Elem. -

October has been an exciting month for Horton students. We held our first Horton Superhawks student recognition. Every month teachers recognize students who are putting forth a strong effort to demonstrate our HAWKS values- H=Honesty, A=Achieve our highest potential, W= Willing to do the right thing, K= Kind and respectful, S=Safe at all times with our bodies and our words. Students receive a shout out in our weekly communication and a certificate.

To honor Hispanic Heritage month, all classrooms read the book, Maybe Something Beautiful: How Art Transformed a Neighborhood, by Isabel Campoy, award-winning Latina author, poet, and educator, and illustrated by local Hispanic artist Rafael Lopez. Our community circle discussions connected to themes in the book including community, kindness, collective effort, creating beauty in your world, and transformation. This text afforded an opportunity for our students to connect to Horton’s own local beauty- the mural up the walkway to the Horton’s joint-use field.

October has also ignited our school spirit with Red Ribbon Week. Every day of the week students dressed to a theme to commit to being healthy and being drug and tobacco free- Pajama Day, Crazy Hair Day, Wacky Wednesday, Red Ribbon Day, Storybook Character and Superhero Dress Up Day. Check out the photos of our events and activities.

Octubre ha sido un mes divertido para los estudiantes de Horton. Celebramos nuestro primer reconocimiento estudiantil de Horton Superhawks. Cada mes, los maestros reconocen a los estudiantes que están haciendo un gran esfuerzo para demostrar nuestros valores HAWKS: H = Honestidad, A = Lograr nuestro mayor potencial, W = Dispuestos a hacer lo correcto, K = Amables y respetuosos, S = Seguro en todo momento con nuestros cuerpos y nuestras palabras. Los estudiantes reciben un agradecimiento en nuestra comunicación semanal y un certificado.

Para honrar el mes de la Hispanidad, todas las aulas leyeron el libro, Quizás algo hermoso: Cómo el arte transformó un vecindario, de Isabel Campoy, autora, poeta y educadora latina ganadora de premios, e ilustrado por el artista hispano local Rafael López. Las discusiones de nuestros círculos comunitarios están conectadas a los temas del libro, incluida la comunidad, la bondad, el esfuerzo colectivo, la creación de belleza en su mundo y la transformación. Este texto brindó una oportunidad para que nuestros estudiantes se conectaran con la propia belleza local de Horton: el mural en la pasarela hasta el campo compartido de Horton y La Ciudad de San Diego.

Octubre también ha promocionado nuestro espíritu escolar con la Semana del Listón Rojo. Todos los días de la semana, los estudiantes se vistieron con un tema para comprometerse a estar saludables y libres de drogas y tabaco: Día de pijamas, Día de pelo loco, Miércoles chiflado, Día del listón rojo, Día de personajes de libros de cuentos y de disfraces de superhéroes. Vea las fotos de nuestros eventos y actividades.

Webster Elementary School

Webster Elementary

Hello Lincoln Cluster Families, Here at Webster we have been working hard on our Writing focus in all grade levels. So far this year we have asked all students to write a Narrative piece of writing. We had a school wide theme of “Lost and Found”. In our kinder room our expectation was a least three pictures of a beginning, a middle and an end to the narrative with some letters or words to go along with it. In our upper grades, our expectations are multiple paragraph essays. On November 5th the entire school will walk in to every classroom looking at the writing of our fellow students. We see this as a great way to celebrate the accomplishment as well as having teachers visit each other’s rooms, something that does not normally happen. Our belief is by focusing on writing our CAASPP ELA test scores in the spring will improve.
On a lighter note, on October 29th Webster will hold its annual Costume Parade. Because parents are still not allowed on campus we will live-stream the parade for all to see. This is just one way Webster is engaging students into the fun of school. As with most schools due to Covid, we are struggling with our attendance. Webster values attendance above all. If you are not here, you are missing out!

Encanto Elementary School

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Encanto Elementary

Encanto Elementary is a Two Way Dual Language Spanish-English Program. Students and staff embrace the culture year-round. From September 15 - October 15, all students celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month. Students engaged in learning about the history, celebrations, and contributions of Hispanic and Latino of people. Our 5th grade students utilized old boxes to create their own ofrenda, an altar for Dia de los Muertos.

Guidance Assistant, Isaac Santillan, hosted a school wide contest focused on famous Hispanic people. Students were able to read about Hispanic contributions and accomplishments around the world. At the end of the Heritage Month, students answered trivia questions to earn recognition and prizes.

Ms. Woods-Tynes taught the students the capitals of all the South American countries. Take a listen!

Chollas-Mead Elementary School

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Chollas-Mead Elem.

Hello Lincoln Community. Here at Chollas Mead the Votes are in. The students at Chollas Mead spent the month campaigning for student ASB. We believe that student voice matters. Students 3rd through 5th grade have the opportunity seek data from their peers at school to help the staff at Chollas Mead make student centered decisions.

Over the month of October we also discussed being responsible for ourselves and the choices we make. It was also Bully prevention month and Ms. D spent time is classes teaching students to be up-standers and not allow bullying to happen to others.

Students and their parents also had a chance to participate in our annual costume give away. Thank you to Disguise for their generous donation of hundreds of brand new costumes.

We had a great month of learning and having fun here at school. Students with perfect attendance for the month of September were able to throw a water balloon at one of the principals this month. Attendance MATTERS! We are so excited to share all our wonderful data with our parents at the upcoming parent teacher conferences.

Johnson Elementary School

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Johnson Elem.

Fall is alive and well at Johnson! Teachers and students are working diligently to improve their critical thinking every month and this still holds true in the month of October!

Our students are reading and writing about many topics including events happening in the month of October and in STEM are doing creative art pieces that reflect what they are learning in Science Lab. Students had the opportunity to read about the human body and what an X Ray does. They then did a learning activity that had them create and picture of their own hand that looks an awful lot like an X Ray!

Thank you to all of the dedicated teachers and staff members at Johnson who work hard every day to make learning a priority and fun for our students!

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