Parent's Newsletter

A.P. Solis Middle School

September 24, 2021

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Spirit Shirts

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Pep Rally

Virtual Pep Rally!

School Begins at:

Start time: 7: 50 a.m.

Please make sure your child is here by this time.

Report Cards mailed out next week

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From the Nurse:


Parents, please do not send medication with your child.

If your child needs medication during the school day, Parents must bring the medication themselves and sign a Permission to Administer Medication form.

Safety Protocols

Face Masks

All students must wear face masks daily.

Mask must cover and fit snug above the nose, mouth and sides.

Students are not to play with masks.

Please speak to your children regarding masks and how to stay safe at all times.

Covid Testing

Did you know that you can have your child Covid tested every two weeks, call the nurse for more details (this is for non-symptomatic students ONLY).

From the Counselor's Office

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Counselors and Dean of Instruction will be sending out the Accelerated Instruction Forms, please review and sign and return to the counselor's office.

Counselors will also need Proof of Residency - will be done via 2nd period - have your child take a picture of the bill with address, email to themselves using their District Email CLICK HERE. Username EXAMPLE: ( and their password and forward the attachment via email to your child's 2nd period teacher.

Uniforms - will be enforced - make sure your child has their uniforms

6th Grade- Red Polo Shirt

7th Grade - Navy Blue Polo Shirt

8th Grade - Maroon Polo Shirt

Khaki or Blue or Dark Black Uniform pants will be used Monday-Thursday

Blue jean pants will be allowed on Fridays

Students must wear a belt and have shirts tucked in.

Sweaters/Jackets (no hoodies or pullovers) may be worn but must have either buttons or a zipper. • Only a solid white t-shirt may be worn underneath the uniform shirt.

Checkout the District's Uniform for all schools here

Back Packs

Must be clear or mesh.

As per District and School Policy

Grooming Standards

Hair, in addition to being neatly groomed and combed, will be styled in such a manner that it does not extend below the eyebrows nor below the bottom of the collar of the dress shirt.

Inappropriate haircuts, man buns, hair styles or designs (mohawks, fauxhawks, duck tails, lines, logos or any type of hair design) are not allowed.

No hair color (i.e. pink, green, purple, pink, bright red, etc) or unnatural hair coloration will be allowed.

• Refer to the District Discipline Management Plan for more specifics.

If you have any questions, please contact Solis Middle School (956)464-1650.