Socialism Is It Really That Bad?

Gage M. Jordan Block Three

What Socialism mostly is

Socialism is an economic system where the basic means of production, are owned by government

Who Leads A Socialist Country

The leader of a socialist country is a president that is elected by citizens

The powers the president has I think they control everything

Current and Former Socialist Leaders

What is the type of legislature in socialist countries

I don't believe there is a socialist legislature because I couldn't find any information on it


I think they have the right to give up their money and vote.
I think the citizens can vote

Examples of Socialist countries

China,Vietnam,Cuba,Democratic Republic

I don't know who are leading these countries

How is this form of government diffrent from our own

It is different from democracy for one or more reasons. One of those reasons is that its mostly the same in my mind, however in a socialist country no one is very poor or very rich. Lets say Bill Gates or Steve Jobs moved to a socialist country they would lose money until everybody is on even ground with them so they would be Middle Class

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Why I think socialism is good

Socialism is good because it makes everyone on even footing money wise. So most likely nobody would be starving because they all have the same amount of money. The people that starve most likely used their money on nothing they need but everything they want. So when I mean that they make it so people have the same amount of money I mean that virtually there is a Gigantic pot and everybody puts their money in. Then the government splits it evenly every year, every day, every week, so its not really that bad in fact it would be making it so nobody starves or is thirsty because they could afford food. In a democracy they don't do that but certain things in the U.S have socialist tendencies, you see homeless people here in America right? Well in a socialism i don't think that would happen.