FAQ and our Sixteen Presenters

Edtech Share Fair 2016

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Edtech Share Fair FAQ

Q: What is the Edtech Share Fair?

A: The Share Fair is a chance for our Shelby County Public School educators to share edtech tools that have impacted learning. Attendees will first be given a chance to preview and prepare which presenters they will see. Next, attendees will go to their first station of their own individual choosing, arranged "science fair expo" style in the various presentation spaces. For five minutes, the presenter will discuss their tool; for five minutes, the presenter will lead and engage in a Q & A with their audience. At the ten minute mark, attendees will be asked to "reflect and rotate": reflect on what they just experienced (as an option, they can use a provided reflection tool), and move to the next station of their choosing. At station #2, the process repeats. There will be time for five rotations before the Share Fair ends, yet there are 13 presentations from 16 educators -- so picking which ones to see and in what order will be up to each attendee.

For more information and highlights from our first district Edtech Share Fair, read Adam's blog entry.

Q: Why call it a "Share Fair" and not a "Showcase" or something else?

A: Good question! First of all, we need to give credit for the name to instructional coach Amanda Gift, who knew of "Share Fairs" when she worked at a past district. (Their organization may be different than ours, but we liked the phrase!) Second, as we detailed above, this is NOT a typical "sit and git" PD. For at least half of the time, the presenter actually leads his/her audience in a discussion about the tool, and hopefully will learn as much as he/she will teach. So the educational "sharing" is truly a two way street.

Q: Where and when will the Edtech Share Fair be held?

A: It will be held on Wednesday, March 23, 2016 from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm at Southside Elementary. We will begin at The Blair Center and then move into Southside's classrooms for the actual presentations by 4:15.

Q: What is the agenda for the day?

4:00 to 4:15: Welcome and Preparation at The Blair Center, then move into Southside.

4:15 to 4:25: Station #1

4:25 to 4:30: Reflect and Rotate!

4:30 to 4:40: Station #2

4:40 to 4:45: Reflect and Rotate!

4:45 to 4:55: Station #3

4:55 to 5:00: Reflect and Rotate!

5:00 to 5:10: Station #4

5:10 to 5:15: Reflect and Rotate!

5:15 to 5:25: Station #5

5:25 to 5:30: Reflect and say goodbye!

Q: Sounds great! How do I order tickets?

A: You can order FREE tickets at our Eventbrite page. Note that the Share Fair is open both to Shelby County staff as well as educators outside our district!
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Our 2016 Presenters

Erin Jump (Southside Elementary): iDoceo App

Tool website: http://www.idoceo.net/index.php/en/

Room 220

This iPad app is a favorite of Erin's for its ability to do record keeping, data tracking, seating charts and student grouping.

Maddie Shepard (Southside Elementary): Plickers

Tool website: https://www.plickers.com/

Room 218

Maddie longed for fun formative assessments that could be done quickly, paperlessly, and graded automatically. With one smartphone or tablet and some free printables, Plickers meets her needs and has become one of her favorite tools.

James Ray Morgan (Heritage Elementary): EdPuzzle

Tool website: https://edpuzzle.com/

Room 210

Learn how James takes YouTube videos and makes them into interactive formative assessments, as well as a different way of doing groupwork.

Bindu Sunil (Central Office): Thinking Blocks iPad app

Tool website: http://www.thinkingblocks.com/

Room 217

Bindu has seen the difference this tool makes in remediation and enrichment for students learning how to add, subract, multiply, and divide, as well as learn fractions and ratios. It is available as iPad apps as well as on the web via Math Playground.

Andrea Heick (WMS): Boomwriter

Tool website: http://www.boomwriter.com/

Room 216

Andrea has found this tool invaluable in personalizing learning. Students can create writing goals and self-pace themselves; teachers can give feedback.

Amanda Hum (WMS): Formative

Tool Website: www.goformative.com

Room 208

Amanda uses many formative assessment tools in her classroom. Formative is one of her favorite. Besides multiple choice and open response questions, you can ask students to freedraw answers, watch embedded videos, and more.

James Wampler and Bart Roettger (EMS, SCHS): Podcasting

Podcast website: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/schs-rocketcast/id1079528645?mt=2

Room 213

Learn how James and Bart are using podcasting to give both teachers & students a way to share their influential voices in order to reach people inside and outside of our district.

Melinda Turner (SCHS): Quizizz

Tool website: http://quizizz.com/

Room 214

Do you like Kahoot but are looking for an alternative? Melinda will discuss how Quizzizz is a fun, engaging way to formatively assess, and gives students real-time feedback.

Christine Hamm (MLC HS): Incorporating Schoology with Chromebooks

District website: shelby.schoology.com

Room 212

Christine discusses how after the Chromebook deployment she is happily leaving her copier behind and becoming a more effective teacher . Thanks to Schoology, she can also personalize the learning of her students.

Jessica Ruddy (MLC HS): Assessments on Schoology

Tool websites: Schoology Assignments and Tests/Quizzes

Room 219

When it comes to efficiency, quick grading, and more powerful feedback, it's hard to beat Schoology's built-in Assignments and Tests/Quizzes. Jessica will present how they have changed her classroom.

Madelyn Sterrett and Becca Kehrli (MLC HS): The Self-Paced Classroom

Highlighted Tools: IXL and Screencast

Room 204

Madelyn and Becca will share some quick power tips and lessons learned about starting a self-paced classroom, and the digital tools that helped them.

Ben Nichols (MLC HS): WeVideo & Google Drawing

Tool websites: WeVideo and Google Drawing

Room 206

Without technology, you could see and analyze advertisements. But as Ben will share, nothing is more powerful than creating and presenting ads you make. Learn how he incorporated these tools in his unit and continues to use them in his curriculum.

Nikki Canterbury and Stephanie Barnes (MLC HS): ZipGrade

Tool website: https://www.zipgrade.com/

Room 211

Nikki and Stephanie will discuss how ZipGrade enabled them to spend less time on grading and more time on conferring with students and analyzing answers to discover and address common learning misperceptions.


Please contact Adam Watson, SCPS Digital Learning Coordinator.


Twitter: @watsonedtech

Blog: watsonedtech.blogspot.com

District webpage: tinyurl.com/watsonsworld