By: Alexis Osoriowalls And Jenna Altig

Why Go To Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a beautiful tropical place that is good for vacation. If you are a thrill seeker, or someone who loves adventure, then Costa Rica is the right place for you. You can go zip lining, scuba diving, white water rafting, cliff diving, sky diving, and about anything extreme you can think of. You could go surfing, or learn how to surf, take amazing trips through the jungle, see amazing animals, see beautiful views, and taste amazing food!

The Flag

The white on the flag stands for peace, wisdom and happiness. The red stands for blood split by matyrs in defense of the country. But red also means as the warmth and generosity of all the people. And the stripes are in a ratio of 1:1:2:1:1. The coat of arms of costa rica was revised in 1848 and placed in the center of the flag. There is a picture of the new flag and old flag down below.

Costa Rica Borders........

Costa Rica borders the Caribbean Sea, and North Pacific Ocean. Caribbean to the east and North Pacific to the west. With a total of 1,228 km of coast line. 212km on the Caribbean sea and 1,016 km on the North Pacific coast line. Costa Rica shares a border with Nicaragua (to the north.) And Panama (to the south.) The border of Nicaragua border is 309km long. And Panama's border is 330km long.

Does Costa Rica Have A President

Yes Costa Rica does have a president. Their current president is Luis Guillermo Solis. He was born on April 25, 1958. And is currently 56 years old.And he has a wife and 6 kids.

Do They Celebrate Christmas?

Surprisingly Ticos (that is what they call people from Costa Rica, like they call us Oregonians.) Do celebrate Christmas. Christmas traditions in Costa Rica Are full of Latin Flavor. Ticos are very fascinated by snow. But since Costa Rica is so close to the equator they almost never see snow. They have festivals, parades, etc. Their three main festivals/parades are #1 El Carnival. Dancers and musicians compete to win in a competition. #2 El Tope. A parade of showy horses. They walk horses down the streets and show off their beautiful animals. #3 El Destile De Luces. A night time parade made up of beautiful lights. Kinda like our parade of lights.

Who Found This Country?

The first European Explorer was a great navigator himself. Can you try and guess who this person is? Go ahead say it out loud! You have 5 seconds. Go!

The History

If you guessed Christopher Columbus then good job! He found it on September 18th, 1502. Columbus was making his 4th voyage to a new world. They found a native tribe and compromised to name it Costa Rica (Which means Rich Coast.) But all archaeologists know there were natives there before Columbus rose it out of the dust.

This To This To This

Just to think we went through talking about Christopher Columbus just to figure out who discovered who found Costa Rica, and the Flag, and who the president is, and what they celebrate, and why you should go there. So I'm pretty sure that is everything you should want to know about Costa Rica.

Any Other Questions?