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With Snapchat you may send pictures, videos, and text your friends. Snapchat is my favorite app because I can send pictures and videos to my friends. I can also text them and have a full conversation with them on the app. Snapchat has recently updated their app and there are now filters. Not the kind that you can change the colors of the picture, but those filters are also on there. The filters I’m talking about are things like crowns, hearts, dog faces, cowboys, and panda faces. I can’t tell you them all because they're just so funny and great. On Snapchat, you can also take a video and speed it up or slow it down or make it go in reverse. You can also do something called face swapping where you and your friend can take a picture, but your faces are swapped. When you take a picture or video, you can also draw on it with the colors. The most awesome thing of all is that you can send a goofy picture to your friend and you can place how many seconds your friend can see it, and then it’s gone so you or your friend can’t see it. You can also post pictures of videos on something called your story. That’s so all your friends can see them at the same time, but it’s only on your story for 24 hours then it’s gone. On your story, you can see who has viewed it and if anyone has screenshot your picture. You can also view other people's stories.

Amur Leopards

The Amur Leopard is located in Eastern Russia and Northeast China where there is extremely cold winters and deep snow, in summer the heat is harsh. Amur’s are losing their habitat due to a lot of logging. Two causes of their endangerment is because of poaching and forest fires. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is helping ensure that the wood products you are buying are “friendly” to forests. The FSC also helps combat illegal logging.The Amur are most commonly hunted for their fur and bones, and the bones are most traditionally used in Asian medicine. The fur is commonly sold, and the price usually goes for $500 and $1,000. The Amur Leopard are in extreme endangerment almost at risk of extinction. There are 50-60 left in the wild, and approximately 200 in captivity. The Amur Leopards can ran at approximately 37 mph, live up to 10-15 years, and when in captivity 20 years. Male Amur Leopards are slightly larger than female leopards (male 82-198 lbs. / female 6-132 lbs.) They can jump 20 ft. horizontal, 10 ft. vertically, and other names for the Amur leopards are “Far East Leopard, “the Manchurian Leopard,” or the “Korean Leopard. In seven years, the population of Amur leopards have almost doubled (30 leopards in 2007 to 57 leopards.)

Little Lamb Found Outside a School Waiting for her Owner, Mary

In Maryland, Mary Milligan of 13 years has a little lamb called Larry , and its fleece is white as snow. She received the lamb in June when it was just a newborn. The little lamb was gifted to her by her grandfather who passed away the following week. Larry started following Mary around more in July. It followed her everywhere. The lamb followed her this past Friday to Lemington Junior High, which is against the school rules to bring pets to the educational environment. The children didn't really even mind. All they did was laugh and play with the little lamb. It made the children laugh, because they had never seen a lamb as playful as Larry, and all the children wanted to get a turn to play and see a lamb at school. The lamb was causing so much commotion that the Miss Frizz, a 7th grade teacher, turned it out near the other side of the sidewalk, but still it lingered near. The lamb waited patiently until Mary did appear."Why does the lamb love Mary so?" the eager children wonder. All Miss Frizz had to say about it was “Mary loves the lamb so very much you know."

San Andreas

Do you like to be kept on edge? If so, I would recommend San Andreas. The movie keeps you on your edge with twists and turns to keep your emotions as stable as a roller coaster. Raymond is a rescue helicopter pilot.When a earthquake strikes, he is on a journey to find his daughter Blake to save her before the next earthquake. The earthquake has caused the majority of the city to collapse. Raymond first saves his ex-wife Emma from the top of a building in which she was in giving a conference, and then together they start the excruciating journey to safely find their beloved daughter. They go from airplanes to cars to boats; anything to save their daughter, before the earthquake strikes again. While Blake waits for her father to rescue her, she encounters Burt and Ollie Taylor who she brings along and helps as much as possible. Blake uses techniques and tactics to survive and stay safe while she awaits to be found. The Raymond Family is very important, so no matter how impossible something may seem he will accomplish it and save his daughter or die trying.

San Andreas Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Dwayne Johnson Movie HD
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