Incredible Jagaurs

Allison Li


RAOR! Have you ever seen a jaguar in real life, I mean wouldn't that be awesome! Did you know that jaguars are the third most biggest cats in the world! That's cool right and if you want to know a lot more super cool facts then read on! Jaguars lets catch some pray!

The Word Jaguar

Hey guys do you want to know what the word jaguar mean? Well believe it or not the word jaguar actually has a meaning. The word jaguar means a beast that kills in one leap. I think that's cool. I think it's cool because the word jaguar actually means a beast that kills in one leap! I always thought jaguar is a random name that people chose for it and I never new it had a meaning attached to it. I'm starting to wonder if people chose the name slug for the slug and that word slug has a meaning attached to it to. Maybe it means a animal that is so slow it can't even go a meter in a whole hour. Hey don't judge me, maybe I'm right! O.K. I am getting a little of track here sorry. Please accept my apology. So let's get on track now.
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Baby Jagaurs

Adorable! Baby jaguar's are called cubs. I know their cute but the sad thing is that baby jaguars can't see when they born Cubs stay with their mother for two years then they move on. Sometimes you see them in zoos or wildlife parks. You sometime see them climbing or playing on the trees. Oh the cubs just love doing that. When the jaguar happen to be a cub, their small right and they weigh littler to. Cubs only weigh two pounds. They sometimes seems to weigh more than two pounds but their still two pounds.

Weight, Size, and hight

Humph that was heavy I wonder how much it weighed? Male jaguars weigh up to 220 pounds or 100kg and female jaguars are smaller than male jaguars. Both male and females have very long tails, there tails are almost three feet long and do you want to know a really cool thing about jaguars? Well the cool thing about jaguars are that there really good leapers! They can leap 20 feat in only one leap!
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The Story of the Jaguars

Do you want to know a story about why the jaguars have blurry or unclear spots. Well long ago the sun god painted the animals. He used coal to paint the jaguars. But the jaguars went showing of their spots to soon. So the spots start spreading out when they ran. So that's how the jaguars got unclear spots.