Any wish you could imagine. What if there was a way to make it come true? Would you do it if the wish you made, gave you the power to fight, to keep people you love safe? Sounds like an awesome deal right? But, would you be willing to sell your soul to an alien?

Kyubey, a mythical creature that is originally called an incubator, is a "messenger of magic" who grants wishes that young girls decide, in exchange contracts are made and the girls become heroes called magical girls. Girls who form a contract with him are tasked to defeat witches — enemies that feed off of the hopes and dreams of normal humans. Kyubey features as a character throughout the entire Puella Magi/Madoka Magica Series/book series.

Be clever!

So will you be willing to sell your soul now? If any creature like this comes up to you and says he can grant you any wish, you've got your self in a lot of trouble.