A3: Meshes & Movers

Weight: 8%

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Due: March 9th, 2017

For your next assignment, you will model and UV a door and it's frame in Maya as FINAL ASSETS for your Warehouse project, and import them into UE4. Take care when creating the assets to match the look and feel you're going for in your theme.

Remember to delete history and freeze transformations on each asset, and build them TO SCALE as discussed in class. Import each piece separately. You will eventually texture these models, but it is not necessary for this assignment.

Place your door and frame into your Warehouse level. Make a Level Blueprint to control the door, so that when the player approaches the door it opens, and then closes after the player leaves the immediate area.

Also create a lift for the space - be creative! Think about how your lift might transport the player around a level. As discussed, some of you may not need one of these in your final levels, but humour me - I want to make sure you understand the various mechanics of building one.

Remember that the Blueprint for this is different. Consider boolean flags and branching nodes! Find an interesting spot to place it - you might end up keeping it. If not, feel free to pull it in the final level.

This assignment is due to be handed in on the server at the beginning of class next week within a folder called:


Failure to hand in the file with the appropriate naming convention at the beginning of class will result in a ‘0’ on the assignment.