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Leading and Learning:

Instead of writing this week, I wanted to share this video that I saw on Twitter. We all need a little help sometimes.

Be a Cardinal; Change Lives; Put a Mission into Motion

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Cardinal Recognitions: 🙌🏽

Thank you to:

  • Koby Kraemer and the first block weights class for assisting with the career fair set up.
  • Our custodial staff for their efforts with the career fair.
  • to the School Counseling Office for setting up the Career Fair. It is a great experience for our students!
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Grateful Friday Challenge 🎉

Week 10: Grateful Friday Challenge

Friday!! You know it! Sing those Friday praises...

As we sing our praises, let's go find some nostalgic songs to sing. Right now, go and Google the Top 100 songs of the year you graduated college (in honor of College Go Week!). I am not going to lie; I was a little nostalgic looking down the list of just the top 20 from my graduating year. So many memories are attached to those songs! Now that you are taking a trip down memory lane -- let’s share! If you have a few extra minutes today in class, your #SHSGFC is to play your song to your class! (Make sure it is the clean version) Let them know about who you were in college and what this song reminds you of. (Let’s expose them to some good tunes!) Then email the YouTube link to some colleagues who would appreciate it. Remember to share a snippet story of you as a collegiate scholar with them as well. (Again, make sure it is the clean version) What were you like? Why this song? And finally, put your song title, video link, and graduation year on the shared google doc (linked below) for everyone to see and enjoy…

A Lifetime of Songs

This list might make a great playlist for the weekend!

I’m singing your praises! With banners flying as we go…


180 Days of Learning

Ice Pack Challenge

Students from Integrated Chemistry and Physics classes have been working through an experimental process to design their own reusable ice packs. Students shared their final projects and their design and testing process with students from Principles of Business Management Classes. Students in ICP were assessed on their presentations, and students from the business classes had to assess different groups based on marketing principles they are learning in class. This project provided a great cross-curricular connect for the students who participated.

Preparing for College and Career

Lindsey Johnson with Donate Life Indiana is presenting to all of the PCC classes this week. Students from each PCC class joined together to learn about the importance of becoming an organ donor. Students were given information about being on waiting lists and watch videos from youth around the state of Indiana who shared their stories about organ donation. Students were able to ask questions throughout the process.

Kris Brennan

Students in Mrs. Brennan's 3D Art class put on a "tradeshow" of their recent intro to 3D projects. The tradeshow was not focused on the quality of their art project but more about their learning process and the journey. Students had to share their design process, struggles, challenges, and identified areas for improvement as they move forward with future projects. The students also had to self-assess their work based on the criteria and share with each other how they felt they met the project's requirements.

Sara Berghoff

Mrs. Berghoff's DC Speech students are preparing an invitational speech around a controversial public issue. Students have identified a topic for their speech and are beginning to build an outline for their research. Based on Monroe's Motivated Sequence. Students had to work through a process where they could persuade and create action around their topic. The process allowed students to build structures that will lead them to complete quality research around the topic.

Chemistry Students

Another group of Chemistry students visited our elementary students this week. Mr. Duncan took students to Mary Bryan Elementary to share basic science experiments and talk about the scientific process with our future Cardinals!


Educational Humor 😁

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