Ch. 8 Dietary Guidelines Brochure

What do the Dietary Guidelines do for Americans?

Heart risk- is the likelihood of developing health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes,and some cancers.

Diet- Is an eating plan

Getting enough nutrients within your calorie needs.

Your age, Your sex, Your metabolism, and Your body shape and the shape you're in

Identifies the proportion of nutrients in foods, with terms such as nutrient rich and micronutrient dense referring to similar properties.

How to maintain a healthy weight.

is any attribute, characteristic or exposure of an individual that increases the likelihood of developing a disease or injury.

Increases the risk of many diseases, including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, and certain cancers.

  • Inhibited growth and development. This is especially true in children and teens, whose bodies need plenty of nutrients to grow and stay healthy.
  • Drink plenty of water and exercise a lot

Suggestions for being physically active every day.

Benefits, types of physical activity

1 hour

Aerobic activity , Bone strengthening

Importance of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and milk

it gives you energy, calcium, and fiber.

Consuming whole grains as part of a healthy diet may reduce the risk of heart disease.

Eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits as part of an overall healthy diet may reduce risk for heart disease, including heart attack and stroke .

Most of your foods you eat on your diet contains with whole grans, another reason is the type of fruit and vegetables that you are putting in your foods, and also that type of milk that you are drinking which has calcium in it.

How to limit fats and cholesterol

Saturated and Unsaturated fats

Diet and cardiovascular disease

Saturated fats

Be choosy about carbohydrates


soft drinks

it is because of the obesity, diabetes, and the nutritional deficiency

Why reduce sodium and increase potassium?

The blood pressure, muscle and nerve function


Is a very important mineral for the proper function of all cells, tissues, and organs in the human body. It is also an electrolyte, a substance that conducts electricity in the body, along with sodium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium.

Avoid alcohol

Teens who drink most likely be killed in accidents

Development at a time when they're making important decisions about their lives (school, careers, relationships)

Affect how the brain disseminates information into long-term memory, a crucial element in the process of learning

Why is food safety an important part of the Dietary Guidelines?

You don't want to work somewhere where there is a lot of cleaning up to do