By:gabby portillo

What is Dehydration?

Dehydration is the act of the loss of fluids/water from the body. The body uses more than what is taken in. It does not take in enough water so that the body can function properly.

What causes Dehydration?

-Too much heat exposure

-Too much exercise




-Not being able to take in water properly such as person in comma or on a respirator

-No contact with clean water

-Damaged skin such as burn,sores,infections or diseases

What are symptoms of Dehydration?

-Increased thirst

-Dry mouth




-Not being able to sweat

-Urine color

What can prevent Dehydration?

-Drinking water very often not only before,during or after exercise

-Avoiding high protein diets

-Avoiding alcohol

-Avoiding salt tablets

-Not working outside

-Not over exercising

What are treatments for Dehydration?

Home treatments: using medication to control water loss,replacing fluids by clear fluids,medication such as loperamide to control diarrhea,and acetaminophen or ibuprofen for fever.

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