By Ethan Harness

What is a relationship?

A relationship is when one organism depends on the other to survive. This could as fatal as a lion eating a deer to survive or as nonlethal as a rabbit eating a berry bush.

Producer consumer relationship

in this relationship a producer, like trees or phytoplankton, get eaten by a consumer, such as rabbits or deer.
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Predator Prey relationship

In this relationship a predator kills and eats its prey. An example is when a lion stalks and strikes at a lone giraffe in the wild.
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Parasite Host relationship

This is when a parasite leeches of its host in order to survive. This could harm and or kill the host. An example is head lice in human hair.
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Terrestrial ecosystem

First off a terrestrial ecosystem is an ecosystem on land. This could be in the freezing cold of the tundra or in the beating sun of the desert. So predator prey could be a lion stalking and killing a giraffe. Or a camel eating a wild shrub. Or even a flea living on a coyote.

Marine Ecosystem

A marine ecosystem is an ecosystem in saltwater. Like the deep ocean floor for example. For a producer consumer you have phytoplankton being eaten by a whale. Predator prey you have a shark ripping a fish to shreds. Toxoplasma gondii can infect many things in an ecosystem from a whale to a fish.

Freshwater Ecosystem

For obvious reasons, this is any ecosystem in fresh water. Algae being eaten by a seahorse. An alligator killing a fish.