Child Labor

Child Labor! By: Rachel Shillinglaw

Young Kids in the factories

This picture was taking while a girl workng on a machine in a textile mill.
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Jobs Children did in the factories

  • Children where mostly used to clean inside and under the machines.
  • Sometimes they would fix the machines if the hands of someone else hands where to big.
  • They would undo knots if they where working with yarn or they where sewing.
  • Also they may dip the matches in phospherous.

Hours,food and working conditions

This picture looks like there are kids probably at there lunch.
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Hours,food and working conditions

  • The hours where very long sometimes as long as 14 hours.
  • The food they had was not very good barely enough to get buy.
  • The working conditions was bad one reason was that the leaders would beat them if they where not working hard enough
  • Also some people said the leaders would stand at the door with a whip.

Accidents that often Happened

This looks like a young bot that has been in a accident and hurt his arm or hand.

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Accidents that often Happened

  • One very common accident that happened is that the kids would not get out from under the machines they cleaned ion time and it would injure them very bad.
  • Another common one is that they would be cleaning the machine and they would get there arm/hand stuck in the machine which sometimes ended in the loss of figures.
  • Also they would often get very sick because of the dust.
  • Sometimes if they where a chimney sweep would get so sick because of the smoke.

Punishment Children Faced

This picture is of a childs hand that just got beat.

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Punishments Children Faced

  • Sometimes they would make them drink tar-water.
  • They also would get caned if they where miss behaving.
  • They also would get whipped if they where late.
  • Sometimes they would get thrown out or fired which at this time was a punishment.

Efforts to Improve/Stop child Labor

This looks like a picture of a child working in the mills.
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Efforts to Improve/stop child labor

  • They passed laws to help prevent this by saying you have to be 12 so that they are not so young like 5 or 6 years old.
  • Also they would try to stop it by making the working conditions better and saying how long the children can work.
  • But also they tried to stop the child labor by making the boss pay them more.
  • Also they passed laws to make it more hard to hire/pay the child.