by: Tyler Slayton

Welcome to Slayonia!!! We are 75 milles away from Dubai and we originated from the discovery of the Bermuda Triangle. We have a market economy and also we have a monarchy. At our country, we speak Tynese. Our population is varies around 450,000 to 455,000.
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More Info on Slayonia

Trading partners would include China, Japan, Italy, and Germany. We trade fur, cotton, and indigo. Also we aren't members of the U.N.

Laws of Slayonia

  • teens must have drivers license by the age of 14
  • you have to invest in 3 wives (polygamy)
  • obtain peace and tranquility
  • no homicides
  • no stealing
  • no guns
  • no warfare
  • no homeless people
  • no foreign affairs
  • must avoid obesity

Kid Jimi

Drake - How About Now [Official Instrumental] by Kid Jimi