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December 4, 2020

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Patriot Band:

What a marching season it has been! As we prepare for our UIL Area Marching Contest tomorrow and close out this strange (and unusually cold) marching season, I want to take a moment to again thank everyone for their patience, determination, and hard work. We have been able to take a difficult set of circumstances and turn out a product that our kids should be very proud of. This contest is the only one this year that will actually score and rank bands, but no matter where our rank comes in, what our students have been able to do this fall is nothing short of remarkable and I hope they leave the field tomorrow with a well-deserved sense of accomplishment.

Looking ahead, we will be working with concert instruments in class and the color guard will begin to prepare their winter guard show. Wind and percussion students will start their Solo Project next week and come January we will begin preparing for UIL Concert & Sight Reading. Read more about that and more below:

Final Band Fee Payment - Dec 15th

The final payment toward band fees is due Tuesday, December 15th

  • All students are responsible for these fees, virtual and F2F.
  • Students without a school owned instrument, including color guard, will have paid a total of $200.
  • Students with a school owned instrument, including percussion, will have paid a total of $300. $200 activity fee + $100 instrument fee.

If you have any specific questions or concerns, please email Mr. Hudler.

The easiest and preferred payment method for safety purposes is to pay through Skyward. If need be, payments can be made by cash or check in the band hall. Checks must be made payable to "LCHS" with "Band Fees" and student ID # in the memo line.

UIL Marching Contest Dates & Information

UIL Area Marching Contest - Saturday, December 5th

  • 3:30pm - Call time @ LC
  • 4:00pm - Run-through begins
  • 5:00pm - Run-through ends
  • 5:30pm - Inspection
  • 5:35pm - Load buses for Mesquite Memorial Stadium
  • 6:43pm - Warm-up
  • 7:33pm - Performance
  • 8:30pm - Approximate return time

Tickets for spectators will not be sold ahead of the event. Tickets must be purchased at the gate.

Required - Tuner and Pickup

Wind Players must have a tuner and pickup cable for all in-person classes and rehearsals. In the spring semester, a tuner and pick up will be part of the required materials for participation grades. While virtual-only students do not necessarily need a tuner at home, it is a useful tool to have and all students will need them when they return to campus in the future.

Tuners and pickups can be purchased at any music store or even on Amazon. For convenience, we will also be organizing a bulk order that will be delivered to LC. If you would like to order through us, you can purchase the tuner and pickup combo for $33 at our Booster Online Store. Orders must be placed by Friday December 11th.

Wind players must have their tuner and pickup for in-person classes and rehearsals by the time we return to school in January.

Senior Recognition

We will hold a small, outdoor event Saturday, December 12th at 2pm to honor our seniors. Look for more information on that in the next few days. In the meantime, if you have not already, please do the following:

Seniors: Take a moment to fill out this form (GISD login required), then submit a picture you would like to have displayed on social media directly to Mr. Hudler through email ASAP. (Please make sure it is a high-quality/high-resolution photo).

Letter Jacket Update

The fitting that was canceled for November 12th has been rescheduled for December 8th and 9th 10am-1pm at LC.

Note: We have not been given an estimated delivery date.

Marching Uniform Return

Now that the marching season is coming to close, we need to collect marching uniforms. We will be sending the uniforms off to be dry-cleaned, so there is no need to have them cleaned (Please remember that the uniforms are dry-clean only).

Before turning in your uniform, make sure you remove any personal items from pockets and shako boxes, including ponchos and flip folders.

We will collect uniforms after school Monday, December 14th and Tuesday, December 15th 3-4pm. We will also be collecting band fee payment at that time for anyone who would prefer to pay with cash or check.

Solo Time!

We are ready to start our next big project. Every wind and percussion student will learn and perform a UIL solo. The solo project will be very similar to the region etude project. Students will be assigned a solo that they will perform and pass off in small portions, building up to their performance at UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest in February. We are still waiting for details about how this year's contest will work, but we do know that it will take place either Saturday, Feb 6th or Saturday Feb 27th.

Solo Selection

All members of the Wind Ensemble and Wind Symphony will play the Level 1 solo for their instrument. All members of the Symphonic Band and Concert Band will play the Level 2 solo for their instrument. (Exceptions would be students who have already earned a d=Division 1 rating on a level 1 or 2 solo. They are required to perform a level 1 solo) *If students are taking private lessons, they may select their own solo with their teacher. Those students will need to provide a photo copy of their part to the band staff for evaluation purposes.*

Purchasing Your Solo

For education purposes, we have provided a photocopy of the assigned solos in our virtual library; however, in order to comply with copyright law, UIL requires that each student purchase an original copy of their solo for their UIL performance. The most reliable source to purchase these originals is http://www.jwpepper.com. Most of the assigned solos can be purchased for $20 or less. It is strongly advised that you order your originals ASAP. They often take 4+ weeks to ship after they are ordered and students will need to plan on having the original in hand before February 6th.

The Project Process

We will break down each solo into 5 cuts for pass offs. Students will perform one cut of their solo each week in class and receive and evaluation and a grade based off of the same performance rubric we used for the region etudes. (Reminder: "blue" range scores = 100%, "white" range scores = 80%, and "yellow" range scores = 60%) As always, if a student is not satisfied with their score, there will be opportunities for them to reattempt any performance for a higher score and grade. Additionally, while students will need to spend time outside of class working on these solos, they will be provided some class time to practice and prepare their performances as well.

Performance Dates

  • Cut #1 - Dec 10th
  • Cut #2 - Dec 17th/18th
  • Cut #3 - Jan 7th
  • Cut #4 - Jan 14th
  • Cut #5 - Jan 21st
  • Full Solo - Feb 1st *test grade*
  • UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest - Feb 6th or 27th *test grade*

Region Band Auditions

The Patriot Band is continuing to have fantastic success in the Region Band process! 48 of our students advanced to the 2nd phase of auditions, which is more than any other GISD school and tied for the most in all of Region 3! We want to congratulate all of our students who auditioned and wish the 48 band members who advanced the best of luck in preparing for their next audition!

High School Phase 2:

  • Audition Window Opens: Saturday, December 5th at 10am.
  • Audition Window Closes: Wednesday, December 9th at 11:59pm.

LCHS Spring Band Plan 2021

As we transition to indoor concert band for the spring, we will need to adjust to our current circumstances and work with a different kind of plan. We understand that we will still have our band classes split between students who are F2F and those who will continue with Virtual learning. However, we will need to form UIL concert ensembles with students who are able to rehearse in person, while also ensuring that all students have equal opportunity and access to a high quality music education. For that reason, all students, Face-to-Face and Virtual, will have the same assignments and rehearsal expectations. All students will learn, rehearse, and perform the same music for their assigned ensemble.

For concert UIL purposes, we will form two concert ensembles: the Varsity Band and Non-Varsity Band.

  • The Varsity Band will be made of Wind Ensemble and Wind Symphony students who commit to in-person rehearsals*. All members (F2F and Virtual) of the Wind Ensemble and Wind Symphony will be responsible for Varsity Band music, assignments and rehearsals.

  • The Non-Varsity Band will be made of Symphonic Band and Concert Band students who commit to in-person rehearsals*. All members (F2F and Virtual) of the Symphonic Band and Concert Band will be responsible for Non-Varsity band music, assignments and rehearsals.

*This will be the general make-up of the ensemble. Ensemble placement will be at the discretion of the band staff.

Students who do not commit to in-person rehearsals will still be required to attend and participate virtually through Google Meet, just like they do for their classes. Rehearsal attendance and participation will be a significant portion of students’ grades in the spring, whether they are participating virtually or in person.

The general rehearsal schedule for the two UIL ensembles will be:

  • Varsity Band (Wind Ensemble + Wind Symphony): Monday & Wednesday 3:30-5:30pm**

  • Non-Varsity Band (Symphonic + Concert Bands): Tuesday & Thursday 3:30-5:30pm**

**All students, virtual and F2F, are required to attend and participate in these rehearsals.

Just like in the fall, students who attend school virtually will have the opportunity to participate in in-person rehearsals after school so that they can participate in UIL activities. In order to be a member of the UIL ensembles, students must commit to in-person participation after school. Additionally, virtual students who commit to participating in person also have the option to attend their band class on campus every day if they have the means to get to and from campus.

Please keep in mind, when we rehearse indoors, all students wear specialized masks at all times (even while they play their instruments), have covers for the bells of their instruments, and sit at least 6 feet apart.


I am a F2F/on-campus learner.

You will be responsible for music, assignments, and rehearsals for either the Varsity Band or Non-Varsity Band based on which class you are in (W.E., W.S, S.B. or C.B.). As a F2F student, you will be required to participate in after school rehearsals in person.

I am a virtual/off-campus learner who is able to participate in band activities in person.

You will be responsible for music, assignments, and rehearsals for either the Varsity Band or

Non-Varsity Band based on which class you are in (W.E., W.S, S.B. or C.B.). As a student who is committing to in-person activities, you will be required to participate in after school rehearsals in person. You may also choose to come to campus every day for your band class period if you have transportation to do so.

I am a virtual/off-campus learner who is not able/allowed to participate in band activities in person.

You will be responsible for music, assignments, and rehearsals for either the Varsity

Band or Non-Varsity Band based on which class you are in (W.E., W.S, S.B. or C.B.). As

a virtual student, you will be required to participate in after school rehearsals virtually.

Spring Band Choice Form

All winds and percussionists must fill out this form by Monday, November 30th. GISD login required.

Grades and Google Meet

All students are expected to fully participate during their assigned class time. Students should be playing along at home with what students are playing at school during class rehearsals. Students, both F2F and at home, will be called on to perform materials individually throughout the rehearsal. If a student does not respond or perform when called on, that student's participation grade will be reduced.

Chaperone and Volunteer Needs

For student safety, GISD has limited the number of parent chaperones and volunteers that we will be able to have, but we still need your help! For each of our games this year, we will need 6 bus chaperones, two box truck drivers and a few parents to help in the student parking lot. Please remember that any adult who wishes to help out will need to go through the GISD volunteer process.

Please follow this link to sign up to help.

More Important Information:

Band Website and Calendar

Find the official band calendar on the home page of our band website. We encourage families and students to sync the band calendar to your personal calendar to help keep track of our busy schedule.

Class Attendance

We make announcements and take attendance in the first 10 minutes of each Google Meet. If a student logs on late, they will have been marked absent. It will be the responsibility of the student to reach out to correct attendance. To have attendance corrected, students should find the "magic button" on their canvas course home page which will take them to a Google Form they can fill out to request a correction.

Private Lessons

We strongly encourage all members of the band to take advantage of private lesson opportunities this year. Lessons are incredibly beneficial to every student from Concert Band to the Wind Ensemble. They help students grow and improve individually, which is the best and fastest way for our band to grow and improve as an organization. This week the band staff will be reaching out to families who expressed interest in private lessons to help set them up and answer any questions. More information about private lessons can be found on our band website along with student applications and contact information for our amazing private lessons staff.