World History Weekly

The Honors Edition for 4.8.16

First, Greetings! Next, Modern Times!

First, I'd like for this to serve as a formal greeting that I have taken over for the remainder of the year for Mr. Walter in his history classes. You may have seen it on Facebook and, I must say, I'm excited to take over in this current position. I will be sending these newsletters and other messages out, on a roughly weekly basis, to try to keep you informed of new events and happenings within the classroom. With that said, welcome to the soon to be 4th quarter.

Classroom Happenings and Future Topics

This week we have finished reviewing and students have taken their 3rd Quarterly Exam which focuses on a variety of topics from throughout the year. Next, we are going to start working on a DBQ, Document Based Question, focusing on the Industrial Revolution, and then moving towards a film analysis focusing on the classic film Modern Times. Feel free to browse TeachingWithMovies to get an overview of the film and to find some questions that you could use to engage your student at home. The next major topic that we will be covering will focus on Imperialism during the 19th century. For now, without much more content, try to engage your student at home with the following:

  • What are the 4 components of culture?
  • Describe one type of government such as democracy, republic, or a dictatorship.
  • What led to the downfall of Napoleon?