Bridgewater Friday Update

Bear Pride: Respect, Responsibility, Be Safe, Do Your Best

February 5, 2021

Morning Drop Off

Morning drop off is actually going quite well! Please know that you are able to let your kids out as soon as you have passed Door 9. It is best if we can unload 8 cars at a time rather than wait until everyone is in front of Door 1. This is one of my favorite times of the day, and it is so nice to be able to greet everyone for the day! Thank you so much!!

Afternoon Pick Up

Afternoon Pick Up can go smoothly...if we all work together. (Insert hopeful smile) Please have your car tag visible and keep it visible until your child is in your car. We are trying to pull the cars as far forward as possible so that we can load at least five cars at a time. We have had a couple of complaints from people in the community about the long line of cars on Jefferson Parkway. This is basically a 10-15 minute per day issue and no one is doing anything unlawful by trying to make a right hand turn while waiting to get into the parking lot. The City of Northfield designed Jefferson Parkway with a median, and this prevents traffic from going around cars trying to turn. Please make sure you fill in the gap in between you and the car in front of you. I may need to come onto the street and tighten things up to get the busses into the bus loop, and I promise that I won't guide you into an accident. Also, it is not necessary to yell at us when we are trying our very best to dismiss nearly 500 students in less than 15 minutes. We are aware that we have more cars due the pandemic and the cold weather. Thank you for your patience!

Kindergarten Information Meeting--Virtual

We are starting to plan for next year, and will be holding the Kindergarten Information Meeting for incoming kindergarten students virtually on February 11th. Letters were sent out to all incoming Kindergarten families. Please know that this is new for us to hold this event virtually and we will do our best to inform everyone.

I Love to Read Month

February is I Love to Read Month, and the teachers have planned some fun activities for students to support the love of reading throughout the month. Please take time to talk to your child about your favorite books to read when you were their age; children benefit from seeing their parents read too.

Black History Month

February is also Black History Month. I have been introducing students to a variety of black people that have made significant contributions to our country. I introduce a name to the students one day on morning announcements and then tell them a bit about that person the next day. Mrs. Sieve, our Media Specialist, has also provided a list of books written by or about black people for use in the classrooms.

Covid Vaccinations

Vaccinations have started for our elementary staff. The goal is to have all elementary staff vaccinated by the end of February, but this certainly depends on the number of available vaccines. I'm hoping that this will lead to a lot more relief for our staff. I cannot tell you how stressful this has been and yet we dearly want the children back in-person so that parents are able to go to work, and we can provide a better education for students.

Self Care

Let's be honest, the Covid/Distance Learning environment has been tough on all of us, and more-so on some than others. We have to remember to take care of ourself, and give ourself and others plenty of grace. This is challenging for those of us who like life to go in a scheduled manner. Please know that we all need each other, and it is important to take the time to provide pick-me-ups to those close to you. We have to minimize the cut-downs and maximize the positivity.

Manners and Language

I just need to point out how heart warming it is when our kiddos use good manners at school; it is music to my ears. It is easy to know when children have been taught to say Please and Thank You without having to be reminded. It is also obvious when children have not been raised with profanity in their home. Know that children will copy many things, and it is always best when we hear the kind words come out of their mouths. Thank you!

Car Tags

We have car tags!! Please write the name and grade of your child in big letters with a dark marker. Place it on your review mirror or dash when you come to pick up your child. Leave this in place until you have picked up your child. This makes the process so much easier, especially on cold days when you want your window closed.

Arrival Information--Parent Drop-Off

Here are the rules/guidelines that need to be adhered to in the mornings:

  • Students may arrive at 8:00 a.m. (9:00 a.m. on Wednesdays) if they are eating breakfast in the morning.
  • Students may arrive no earlier than 8:10 a.m. each day (9:10 a.m. on Wednesdays) otherwise.
  • Stay in your car and in line to drop off your child. Don't park and walk across the parking lot.
  • Students walking to school should leave the house no earlier than 8:00 a.m.
  • Do not budge in line, drop your child and hurry away; be the positive role model for your child.

When you pull up into the drop-off lane, please pull ahead as far as you can before letting your child exit your car. If there is a long line, please don't wait until you are directly in front of the door before letting your child out of your car. There is enough space for at least eight cars to drop off at the same time, and the children can walk up the sidewalk to the front door.

End of the Day--Parent Pick Up

The end of the day is a busy time. You can only imagine trying to dismiss all of our students at the same time in an organized fashion making sure students get to the correct place. These are the things that keep me awake at night and give me nightmares. We dismiss at 3:20 pm each day.

As in the past, we will provide you a car-up tag for your child. Please write your child's name and grade big and clear on this tag, and place it so that it is visible through your windshield. This way you will drive up, we can read your child's name and make sure that your child gets to your car. Please remain in your car and in line. This is similar to a drive through, were you place your order and receive your happy face. Please be patient, alert and courteous. Everyone has a schedule with places to go.

We have about three times as many parents picking up this year. Everyone will need to be patient and respectful please.

  • Pull up when you can without leaving a huge gap in front of your car.
  • Make sure your tag is visible in your windshield hanging from your rear-view mirror.
  • Our K, 1, 2 students are dismissed first, and they will be ready to be picked up right away. The older students will be down shortly afterwards. You will want to plan accordingly.
  • Stay in your car and in line to pick up your child. Don't park and walk across the parking lot.
  • We are trying our very best to get your child to the correct car in a timely fashion while looking out for the safety of all.
  • Students walking home that need to cross Jefferson Parkway must cross with the safety patrols for their own safety.

Temperature Checks--A Must

Thermometers were passed out to each family this fall. Parents are to take the temperature of your child each morning before sending them to school. If your child's temp is 100 degrees or higher, they must remain at home. Please let us know if you still need a thermometer

Upcoming Events

Feb. 15---Staff Development Day, No School for Students

Mar 22-28---Spring Break

June 10---Last Day of School for Students

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