Looking for Mr. Right

Where are you???????

Qualities you must have!!!!

  • You respect my goals and aspirations
  • You enjoy the same foods as me
  • You will travel with me
  • You get along well with my family
  • You want to have kids
  • You are in the relationship for the right reasons


  • You are with me for the wrong reasons
  • You don't enjoy spending time with my friends and family
  • You are low key mean
  • You don't respect my morals and values
  • You don't get along with anyone but me
  • You talk bad about me to your friends
  • You don't stick up for me when people say mean stuff

Dream Date

Mr. Right would pick me up at my house in his black Range Rover, come inside and meet my parents and compliment me. We would then go on a surprise trip to the beach and have a sunset picnic. After the picnic, we would go on a walk and eat cotton candy. On the ride home, I would get the aux cord. When I would get dropped off he would give me a kiss goodbye.
"Love is completely pointless and makes you want to throw yourself off a bridge" -Mackenzie Hemingway and Rachel Isacco
"A heart ain't a brain, but I think I still love you" -Chris Brown
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