African Music and Dance Classes!

Learn all about the African aspects of music and dance!

African Music

African music was very important and it was played in different parts of Africa. In these classes, you will learn all about African music and its importance.

  • Most musical instruments, were used to keep the beat in a song. Some example of these instruments that you'll be playing are drums, whistles, horns, flutes, and banjos.
  • Many people used music to express their religious feelings.
  • Most African songs included a singer who called out lines, and the background singers would repeat the line.

African Dance

For you individual dancers, you will learn how to leap and twirl. And for the group dancers, you will learn how to sway and clap in rhythm.

  • According to the Africans, dance allowed their spirits to express themselves.
  • Africans used dance to celebrate important events such as birth and death.
  • In the background of all the dancing, drummers sounded out the rhythm.
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Some of our top instructors are Isabella Sendowsky, Trinity Taylor, Baylie Smith, and Clara Smith!!!!!!

Guaranteed to be educational and fun!


What are some examples of the musical instruments that the Africans used?

What did the Africans use dance for?