Top 5 Mobile Apps for Education

by Zac Routhier

Mobile is taking education by storm!

Never before has mobile technology been more important for student learning than in today's highly connected world! Teachers are now presented with a distinct opportunity to benefit from this social trend. Here is a list of some of the best mobile apps that can be used to enhance learning in our digitally enabled classrooms.


Evernote may be the most comprehensive note-taking on the market today! Available on nearly every device imaginable along with a free-account option, Evernote is both user friendly and comprehensive, to allow for different forms of functionality depending on the need of the user. With distinct features such as embedding photos, videos, and audio in real time, Evernote allows for more than traditional written notes can offer. Furthermore, Evernote's built-in cloud server allows for easy sharing of note files between students and their instructors.

Due to its distinct sharing options, Evernote is the ideal choice for any classroom setting to facilitate the organization of notes. For this reason, Evernote can be used in class setting within any subject, especially ones that incorporate multiple levels of media integration.

The Elements: A Visual Representation

Chemistry students and instructors alike stand to benefit from this comprehensive periodic table. No longer is the periodic table relegated to the back of chemistry textbooks: with highly interactive app students can develop a deep and full understanding of the various elements. With the tap of a finger one is delivered various forms of information of these elements: their history, atomic arrangement, applications, and so much more!

Any level of chemistry, from high school to university, can benefit from the multitude and breadth of information that this app offers its users.

Quick Graph

While graphing calculators are definitely an important resource within any math class, students have more options at their disposal for the creation of comprehensive graphs, such as Quick Graph. Quick Graph is a tool that can be accessed on any iPad device that graphs the various mathematical functions that any high school math course would be involved with. With several equations being able to graphed at one time, students have the option to solve even the most complex of math problems. Quick graph also offers customization options for different graphs, thus allowing for simple demarcation of graphs and their uses.

Never again will math students be confused with the inputting of functions due to Quick Graph's user friendly interface and clean and simple display.


For anyone who has trouble organizing and keeping track of their lab specific notes, Labguru has your back! This program allows for instructors to create different lab protocols that can be imported onto students' devices, allowing for quick and ease of access to the building of lab reports. Furthermore, the recording software keeps all results in one convenient location! Along with material logs to keep track of lab supplies, Labguru is able to cover every base one can imagine for lab based experiments!

Chemistry experiments no longer have to be recorded bulky and disorganized lab manuals. Labguru will let students keep all their results on them in digital form and allow for easy revision and collaboration with their partners.

Google Classroom

What better way to keep students organized than with one of the most simple, yet functional learning management systems today. Like all Google products, Google Classroom offers support on every device imaginable, from tablets to phones to laptops. This system allows for teachers to create announcements, ask forum questions, and allow for the submission of assignments. What's better is that students have a single hub area that can be accessed at any time to overview material and have discussion with their fellow classmates.

Every classroom, regardless of subject, can benefit from the integration of such a system because of how easily it organizes and sorts any desired information for both instructors and students. Oh, and it's completely free!