Ancient Egyptian and Roman Food

The two civilizations are amazing with the Food they used!

The Wonders of Ancient Egyptian Food

Ancient Egypt was a beautiful place and has lots of history but how did these people live with food? Lets found out! Ancient Egyptian food was mostly fruits and vegetables. The Nile played a BIG part in this civilization. The Nile was where the farmers lived and they cropped the food. Without the farmers of Ancient Egypt there would be basically not much food this civilization.

Ancient Egyptian hunting and Meat

The Ancient Egyptians had lots of fruits and vegetables but also had meat. They had a somewhat bug verity but not as much as the food from the Nile. They Egyptians could hunt for animals on the Nile because there is water. When there was a cow, goat, or fish drinking or swimming in the water they killed it for its meat. These people I don't know what their called but a do know that they must have lived on or near where they Nile river was.

Ancient Egyptian Drink

The Ancient Egyptians didn't have a big variety. They only had two types of drinks. These drinks were water and beer. Beer was one of the biggest drinks in the Ancient day. So was wine but only the rich people drank that. The beer was for everyone in Ancient Egypt.

The Find for Food in Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome didn't have much vegetables. They had lots of meat but only the rich people got to eat it. The poor got horrible food and were treated badly. Ancient Egypt at least gave descent food to their people especially the farmers and slaves. Ancient Rome was a royal place and vigorous. The rich people ate in odd ways. They laid in beds and picked the food up and ate it. Sometimes they let slaves feed them.
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The Masses of Meat in Rome

Rome had lots of meat during its time. Sadly only the rich ate. The poor got jacked up vegetables and maybe no food at all. The rich got to have big banquets and were fed by slaves. The meat that they ate was fish, pork, chicken, mutton. These meats were used throughout their time period.