The Best Way To Study

its time for a test

How long to study and what to have when studying ?

You should study 20 min to 50 min and don't study over night because you will forget a lot of what you study when you go to sleep . Study during the day and have a snack with you like a apple or something that is good for you and wont give you a sugar rush then you will crash when you eat so much sugar . Plus always have the right things to study with and always have a good place to study .

Good methods to use for studying

You can use the black red green method where you have a black pen a red a green pen . The black pen means strait insturtions . The red pen means to use for refrence . The green pen stands for a hint

Kids studying

Will get you a good grade

How long of studying ? How do you study ? What if you get hungry or thirsty ? Well we just tolled you now go and use it .